Retro and Novelty Magnets – You never go really bored of them!

Refrigerator magnets are highly appetizing and they wrap possess immense ability to nudge your emotions at the right time. Gone are the days, when these magnets merely acted as promotion tools, and plainly bored you from refrigerator door. Today, you can creatively utilize them for expressing any xyz thought that crosses your mind.  Also, you can reminisce good and bad times, friendships, family relationships, etc through such magnets.

Retro and Novelty Magnets

Retro and novelty magnets offer oodles of space for creativity and hyper activity. They aid you in big way to relieve the pent up emotions and also remain closer to heart. Following are some of the interesting retro and novelty magnet themes, which can easily show up against any metallic surface –
  • 50’s , 60’s and 70’s advertising magnet
    They can recreate moments from “livewire 50’s”, “happening 60’s” and “kick through 70’s”. Any advertisement, personal photos, or symbols from this era is good enough to get it going.
  • Shopping Magnets – Magnets inspiring you to “shop until you drop” phenomenon are always met with good response. Women dressed in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s ensemble and belting out some prophetic shopping phrases have always garbed attention. This type of magnet is often retained for long time because they can double up as a decorative item and also transform the surface, where it is affixed.
  • Anti- Diet Campaigns – Diets and crash diets are eating up lots of print space and popularization of “size zero” fad has intensified the situation. Anti-diet campaigns can be waged in a very beautiful, healthy and friendly manner through retro themed images. Caricature images of son, mother, or friends belting out anti diet campaign comments are loved by everyone. This campaign magnet possesses high retention value against investment.
  • Thought Magnets –As said before retro and novelty themed magnets offer enough space for personalization and you can best utilize to them to express your upset, anger, happiness, etc. A magnet saying “Daily drinking is killing me” “House work can’t kill you then why to take a challenge?” is enough to tie up a viewer’s interest.
  • Inspirational Thoughts – Magnets with inspirational thoughts such as “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” completed with images of nurses or doctors from 60’s and 70’s make a good social promotional tool and people will always love to keep them near to themselves.
  • Comic Themes – Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, are loved by everyone and they remind you of scintillating 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. You can recreate the same magic by getting these custom magnets imprinted with same information again and again.
Retro and Novelty refrigerator magnets can be creatively altered to any shape, size depending on the personal preferences and it never really moves out of fashion.