The Best Magnets to Boost Brand Visibility

Custom magnets are not just square or rectangle these days. In fact, marketers can choose from a wide range of shapes including classic, quirky and everything in between! Here are some interesting custom magnets models that will make your marketing plan more interesting.

Circle Shaped Magnets

These full- color, dainty delights are perfect if you want to promote your business for a very long time. Attractive and versatile, round shaped fridge magnets work on fridges, file cabinets and any metal surface of your prospects. Ideal for almost all business verticals, these budget friendly magnets will also get your message across to a wider audience.

Shaped magnets

Shaped magnets belong to a unique tribe of magnets considering the countless shapes these offer. You can easily choose a model that will talk about your brand. For instance , a pizza shaped magnet to promote your pizzeria or a horse shaped magnet to promote your equestrian events . These full color magnets will have that extra kick to them and will never fail to draw your audience closer to your brand.

Including shaped magnets in your marketing is indeed a smart choice; because that is the best way to grab the second glance of the busy people around. Moreover, studies show that human brain registers shapes faster than text. So, that is another solid reason for you to invest in these full color magnets.

In addition, shaped magnets will also make your branding interesting because your prospects will enjoy the different shapes that are visually appealing. Shaped magnets are very well seen and liked by users as they promote your establishment. After all, it’s hard to ignore something that is so conspicuous!

Picture frame magnets

 Bringing together the dual utility of a magnet and a picture frame, these will stand out on magnetic surfaces like fridge doors or filing cabinets. Add your logo or image or create your own design. Every time your recipients take a closer look at their delightful family snapshots, they will surely get engaged with your message as well.

Sports schedule magnets

Best of all, sports magnets are available for a wide range of sports events including football, baseball, racing and more. These can be used as a fundraiser, promotional items or game day souvenirs. So, customize it with your brand and message to leave a lasting impression. The low minimum quantity offer of these magnets will indeed make it a great choice for even small events and budget friendly marketing.

Looking for more? Browse our collection of custom magnets to choose a model that you will find interesting.

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