Things to Remember While Creating Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are something people love to get for free. Apart from adding a pop of fun colors to their fridge doors and filing cabinets, these full color magnets often end up as a handy tool to fix their reminders and kids artwork. For some people, custom magnets make interesting collectibles as well. Considering the incredible popularity of logo magnets, it is no wonder that they have evolved as one of the most effective promotional giveaways in recent times.

Budget friendly and versatile at once, custom magnets make effective promotional merchandise for businesses of all industries . Here are some tips to choose and customize magnets the right way.

Choose good quality magnets

It is very important to select premium quality, factory direct magnets from a reputed supplier. The custom magnet that you choose is the direct reflection of your brand identity. So, choosing a high quality magnet will go a long way in enhancing your brand image.

Choosing the right magnet model

Magnets are available in a wide range of popular models including business card magnets, calendar magnets, picture frame magnets and a lot more. Consider each option and decide which one will work the best for you. Remember, the more functional the magnet is more will be the engagement of the prospects. For instance, picture frame magnets offer a stylish photo frame for the users while doubling up as your brand reminder; likewise calendar magnets  offer  the utility of an yearly calendar  to the recipients while offering 365 days of brand visibility  at one time investment. This is why custom magnets are very popular in the personal and business world.

How to  find the right thickness for your magnets

It is important to understand quality differences and thickness in magnets. For instance, indoor magnets are normally of thickness 20 or 25 mil whereas outdoor magnets should be 30 mil and more in thickness. This allows the magnet to stick appropriately but still be moved to different locations easily without damaging the surface. Extra thick magnets  that are 55 mil  thick are better suited for industrial purposes. Cleaning products and constant handling do not deteriorate the quality of these magnets.

Customization is the key

Custom magnets  can also be imprinted with your brand, message or artwork to make unique promotional giveaways for your business . Choosing the right color, fonts and call to action message will go a long way in getting your recipients to relate with your brand and to engage with your advertisement effectively.

Budget friendly

Logo magnets have also one of the lowest costs per impressions. So, even start up companies  can incorporate custom magnets in their promotions without breaking their budget. Plus, ordering in bulk will ensure the biggest discounts and best deals. So, if you have any mass promotional events like trade shows and mailer campaigns coming up, custom magnets will make a perfect choice to reckon with. You can even find magnets models with low minimum order requirement. Choices are all yours when it comes to custom magnets.

 You can create your custom magnets to any specifications you choose in order to get the perfect product and result that your company needs.

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