Tips to Buy Promotional Products

Promotional products –as the names suggest refer to a particular genre of products, which are used for promotional purposes. The term was largely exercised over promotional gifts, which were handed over by brands (to customers) for promoting their business.

Picture Frame Magnets

Today, the scene has changed and advertisers understand that instead of luring people with hefty gifts and trying to buy their appreciation, they should try to build brand consciousness. This realization has led them in pursuit of products, which are cost effective at the same time impressive too.  This search has lead to promotional magnets, which can be utilized for promoting all kinds of businesses under the sun. They are classified into two genres – indoor magnets or refrigerator magnet and outdoor magnets or car magnet and advertisers can seek them as per the promotional requirements.

pizza slice shape magnet

Read through this blog to see how to buy promotional magnets as per the requirements.

Refrigerator Magnets
Following are some of the popular types of fridge or refrigerator magnets used for promotion –

Business Card Magnets – A very swift and sophisticated makeover from regular paper based business cards. It can be sought by advertisers in all niches to promote their business.

Save the Date Magnet – It offers a very emotional background and very sensitive platform to say “We are hitching soon”. No one can ignore the charm and people will be gently nudged to make it to the event. If you are a creative type, this theme can be utilized to remind others about your Graduation day party, retirement day party, baby shower, etc.

Picture Frame Magnets – They are utilized for brand building as well as personal gifting. No one can fail to admit that these magnets help in encapsulating the memories in a very bright way.

School Magnets – They are typical brand building token offered by schools, but they do double up as an item of pride. Every student or parent who sees them on regular basis will feel the pride of being associated with a prestigious organization.

Calendar and Tear off Calendar Magnets – This genre of promotional magnets are typical associated with promotions and people do find them interesting. They can be suitably customized to highlight brand information and dates. They offer those sweet little places for writing up notes. You cannot bargain for more at low investment isn’t it?

Awareness Magnets – As the name suggests, everyone can utilize them to highlight some issue of social interest. They are offered as refrigerator and car magnets depending on the targeting audience.

Magnetic Notepads – They have replaced the age old paper bind notepads. Advertisers of all genres can utilize it for promoting their brand in special ways. Magnetic notepads are superior to other paper based notepads due to many reasons – easy information gathering and sharing (as they remain over refrigerator door), etc.

Postcard Magnets – Purely utilized for promotional purposes. They have heralded a new era in bulk advertising and are largely sought by advertisers to express their business information.

Outdoor Magnets
Also, known as car magnets or vehicle magnets, refers to the genre of promotional magnets, which are affixed over vehicle surfaces for better visibility. This magnetic sticker is usually sought as –

  • Vehicle Shaped Magnet – A magnet can be easily shaped into a car, bus, or any other recognizable shape depending on the requirement. It becomes easier for the advertisers to express their views over it. People will easily notice it when affixed over vehicular door.
  • Outdoor Magnet – They refer to large section of promotional magnets, which are utilized for outdoor promotional purposes. They may be shaped accordingly to convey some message.

A typical magnet may be developed depending on the requirement. In this case it can be said that only sky is the limit, which means you can create magnets in any conceivable shape and size.

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