Top 5 Ways To Distribute Promotional Magnets

Refrigerator magnets will make a great way to advertise your business, no matter what you do or which industry you serve.  Full color custom magnets will generate quick interest in your brand and will drive more traffic to your events. The best part is that these attractive magnets will earn a permanent spot on refrigerators and desk drawers of customers all around town to ensure the much desired portability and exposure for your brand.

3.5x4.5 Personalized Picture Frame Rectangle Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Choosing the best custom refrigerator magnets makes your job half done as you should have a perfect way to disburse these magnets to ensure highly effective and targeted promotions.

Here are a few stealworthy tips to include custom magnets in your promotional mix.

Add a personal touch to your business gifts

Add a business card magnet to your gift box during milestone celebrations and events. These custom magnets are more likely to get a higher retention than a paper business card and your message on these will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Include magnets with Coupon Mailers

Discount coupons are the best options to drive sales and the next best way is custom magnets. Include popular custom magnets like calendar magnets or sports schedule magnets along with discount coupons during mailer campaigns to get your message land in the mailboxes of your customers. This will get your information in front of shoppers and inspire them to check out for more deals at your stores. If you have a modest marketing budget, it will ensure a full-blown direct mailing campaign.

Leave business card magnets at your counter

Put a few of these magnets in a fish bowl and keep it at the billing counter for your customers to take away. You can even stick these full color magnets at community billboards using holders that dispense a single magnet at a time. A bright design and artwork will grab the attention of anyone passing by. This marketing tactic will enhance your brand popularity in your community and local neighborhood. The best part is that custom magnets are versatile handouts that can be effectively used to promote any business right from grocery stores to doctors’ office and more.

Hand out magnets with purchase
Magnets can be handed out through purchase as a token of appreciation for your existing customers. It gives you a new opportunity to expand your business. Slip a magnetic card in with each bill to your customers and spread the word in a subtle and fun way. Magnets will make welcome additions to any office or home and you are rest assured your name is seen on a daily basis.

Use it in Door to Door campaigns

Spring up a surprise by sticking your business card magnets on the mailboxes, door frame plates, and even door knobs or metal doors or windows of homes in your neighborhood. It will offer a perfect surface for holding your business card. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get a free magnet that they will find useful in holding up bills and invoices.

Embellish these custom magnets with eye-catching designs and information to make these business card magnets stand out in style. Try it to believe it!