Wedding Announcement Magnets- The Delightful Way To Make Your Relationship Official

Fall weddings are getting popular and are well on to being crowned the best season for weddings. Cool weather, countless themes for destination weddings and venues sans the summer crowd – these are some of the many reasons that account for the popularity of fall season weddings. Event planners, wedding photographers, wedding beauticians can all make the most of this promotional theme to build up a buzz for their business.

For all the prospective brides and grooms who are planning to take their wedding vows this season will find these wedding announcement magnets a great choice to share this joyous news with their friends and family.

Here are some of great wedding announcement magnets that can be considered for this occasion.

3.5×2 Custom Wedding Announcement Magnets: These attractive full color magnets will make a great way to make wedding announcements. Your guests will never fail to make it for the event as these magnets will serve as high visibility reminders on their fridge doors. Every time they open the fridge , they will be reminded to make all the wedding trip arrangements. The bride and groom can leave a personal touch to their wedding announcement by imprinting messages, artwork or their initials that will enhance the beauty of these logo items. Announcement magnets will never get trashed or misplaced unlike customary paper invitation cards, which gives it an upper hand.

3.5x2 Custom Wedding Announcement Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: For brides and grooms who plan to use mailers to get their happy message across will find these light weight magnets a great option. Make your official wedding announcement well accepted on these full color refrigerator magnets that will enjoy a long retention. Some of your guests will even cherish it all their lives as tokens of your wedding day.

3.5x2 Custom Wedding Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Custom Announcement Magna-Peel Postcard Magnets: Add a retro charm to your wedding announcement with these post card magnets feature a laminated 8.5×5.25 postcard to which these magnets are attached. Your guests will be surprised to see a postcard getting delivered at their letter boxes in this age of digital communication and e-invites! Go for it!

3.5x6 Custom Announcement Magna-Peel Postcard Magnets

Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets: Hand out a calendar to your wedding guests as you share the news of your wedding with these highly functional custom magnets. Everyone will love to retain these logo items for a whole year. The best part is that these magnets are well suited for mailers as well. So, what are you waiting for? Rush your orders right away!

6x3.5 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magna-Peel Postcard Laminated with Business Card Magnet 25 Mil: A wedding card can’t get any better than this! It is a wedding announcement magnet, a postcard and a business card as well. So, put your creative caps and come up with the most hearty messages and wishes for your guests on these amazing gifts.

8.5x5.25 Custom Printed Announcement Magna-Peel Postcard Laminated with Business Card Magnet 25 Mil

Which of these announcement magnets are you planning to use in making your wedding day announcement? We would love to hear from you.