What Makes Custom Magnets Popular Handouts That Are Loved By Many

Custom magnets have been popular marketing tools for a long time. However, this has not reduced its popularity a wee bit even today. Budget friendly, simple and effective, custom magnets are available in a wide range of interesting shapes and models as well.  These full color magnets will add a pop of fun color to the fridge doors or car bumpers much to the delight of your recipients while your brand will gets its fair share of publicity.

It is easy to see the reason behind the tremendous appeal of fridge magnets. Firstly these will double up as a décor item on the plain refrigerators to make it stand out. Secondly these make a handy hold up for the reminders and shopping lists of your audience; above all it will make long lasting reminders of your brand or social cause.

 Convertible Auto Shape Magnets 20 Mil

 Let’s be frank about it! Magnets are loved by many, especially when these are distributed for free. Magnets pop up everywhere; on fridge doors, filing cabinets, coffee machines and much more, where these are seen on a daily basis. This is what makes custom magnets a highly effective promotional item. The incredible utility coupled with visibility will make it a potent marketing tool that will cater to all your promo needs.

Customized magnets can even be used to deck up the workspace of your employees or clients to bring in a unique feel as well.   Get your logo, message or artwork imprinted on these magnets to make it a personal way to get your message across. Spread the word into your recipient’s homes and work spaces without being intrusive.

How to choose Custom magnets

The magnet that you choose should be appropriate to meet your promotional needs. For instance, If you are looking for car magnets, make sure to choose extra thick magnets that can withstand the force of wind plus the moving vehicle. Refrigerator magnets are not as thick as car magnets and hence should not be used on car bumpers ideally.

 Extra thick 55 Mil magnets are a good choice for warehouse labeling as it can stick securely on racks and can withstand temperature fluctuations of industry settings.

Printed Circle Magnets - Indoor Magnets 55 Mil

Shaped magnets will make a great way to turn heads instantly. Make your business magnets stand out from the rest of the fridge magnets of your recipients, with shaped magnets. These will make excellent tell tale reminders of your business. For instance, a pet paw shaped magnet will be the best way to popularize your pet stores likewise a pizza shaped magnet will talk nonstop about your pizzeria!

Printed Pizza Slice Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Personalized magnets can be employed for a variety of purposes and special events like tradeshows, store promotions, mailer campaigns, awareness items and a lot more. Browse our collection to choose an appropriate model to make your brand a crowd magnet- literally!

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