Why are Custom 3×4 Magnets Popular with Unconventional Businesses?

Custom 3×4 magnets are generally utilized as business cards or magnetic stickers over products. They make fantastic labeling choice for all kinds of businesses and individuals who are trying to position their business firmly before others. This magnet being rectangular in shape lends an air of authenticity to your business messages. You can avail these magnets in 20, 25, and 30 MIL (indoor and outdoor safe) sizes and more from reputed websites.

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Promotional 3×4 magnets works great for many unconventional businesses such as-

  • Salon, Cosmetics and Shampoo Makers – Most salons and cosmetic businesses splurge millions on marketing. They have been regularly seeking 3×4 stickers for promoting their products, so opting for a change they can avail this personalized 3×4 magnets for value building. They can hand it out along with purchases or as a complimentary token during festive season, etc. This decision will continue to aid them for long time. People who love to buy from them can directly get it in touch with them and place their orders or book an appointment.
  • Wine and Beer Products – Most small time wine and beer producers often use 3x 4 stickers to label their produces. They can now easily seek logoed promotional 3×4 magnets. It may resemble their regular stickers, but offers them long term visibility against investment. People would be happier to stick it over their refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces within home.  You can easily hand these contact magnets or advertising magnets along with festive purchases, wine fairs, tradeshows, and at other distribution points.
  • Food Product  Marketing – It is commonly seen that food marketers such as farmers, small time pizza delivery services, local produce growers – all regularly use 3×4 stickers for branding or labeling their products. This sticker size is very common with most North American marketers trying to promote their business. If you are starting out new and plan to hit advanced stages of brand building, then feel free to indulge with 3×4 custom magnets. People would be happier when you hand it out to them during purchases or tradeshows. They would love to pit it against their refrigerator doors or other surfaces within home.
  • Plumbers or other individual businesses – Most individual businesses largely order 3×4 magnets for value building because it largely remains affordable for them and offers them large space for imprinting their business messages or sending some greetings.

Being a small business owner, you would always love to keep the marketing costs under check, it is always advisable to purchase from some reputed online stores selling custom magnets. Bulk orders are always complimented with price savings and other value benefits such as free art set up, free design and free shipping.