Why is Custom 4 x 6 Magnets Popular with Masses?

As you know, today magnetic advertising has come to an age, where people can get them done according to their personal preferences. You’ll find different types of advertising magnets in the market used for wide range of purposes, but custom 4×6 magnets are extremely popular do you know why? Because they are affordable, clearly visible and they can easily highlight any information imprinted against them in best possible way.

4x6 Custom Holiday Save the date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Some of the popular uses of 4×6 custom magnets include –

  • Wedding Announcement Magnets – Everyone wishes to make their wedding a very special and hearty affair. A personalized magnet 4×6 adds distinctive punch to your wedding announcements. You can best utilize it for building up enthusiasm and happiness for the special day. Mail your guests 4×6 save the date magnets instead of paper invitation cards. You can imprint some heart statements, wedding venue details and your photographs over these magnets for adding emotional punch.
  • Sports Team Magnets – Do you belong to a local high school gang eagerly awaiting the new football season? Do you wish to boost spirits and excitement in fellow students or sports fanatics like you? Then it is good to seek 4×6 sports magnets. You can purchase them from any reputed online magnet store and get it customized with team symbols or team calendars and distribute it during next sports day or the very next opportunity that comes before you. You can also team up with local businesses to grab attention. You can either coax them to invest in this magnet with some part of their information sharing equal prominence with your message or you can partly ask them to contribute in exchange of some business information.
  • Photography Magnets – Investing in a 4×6 magnet is definitely a value effective way for photographers and artists to build trust around their brand. They can get it customized with miniature photographs of landscape or one of their popular painting. This magnet serves a highly emotional token of indulgence and looks best from over refrigerator doors or wherever they are affixed. This type of magnet offers long term benefit against the investment.
  • Car MagnetsPromotional 6×4 magnets outdoor safe are indeed a value token for businesses, which are eyeing outdoor promotions at lowest possible investment. It may not be good enough to capture 1000 glances a minute as with big larger-than-life billboards adorning city centers, but it is still good enough to attract serious customers at close points.

Custom 4×6 magnets also make a great choice for social promotions, value building and many more. Also, buying them from reputed online custom magnet stores comes with set of perks such as free online design proof, free art set up, free online design and free shipping.