Why Logo Magnets Are Great For Promotional Marketing

Custom magnets are effective advertising items that will establish your  brand effectively. Cost effective and highly engaging, logo magnets will fit every marketing plan with ease. Available in various popular models like refrigerator magnets, car magnets, die cut magnets and more; you have something special for everyone.

Magnets have  very low costs per impressions

What makes custom magnets a great marketing tool for marketers is its low cost advantage.  These full color magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions; and hence will fit the bills of budget marketers as well. Magnets offer a high ROI because of the high visibility that these giveaways enjoy. As they occupy highly visible magnetic surfaces like fridge doors or filing cabinets, they will be seen many times a day- so will be your message!

 The low sticker price of magnets will make custom magnets a  great handout during mass events like conventions, trade shows , awareness events and other social gatherings.  These will even win hands down as mailer items for your clients and employees.While conventional ads like billboards have only a short shelf life and involve maintenance / renewal charges. On the other hand, logo magnets make consistent brand impressions at one time investment. This is what makes  logo magnets a great marketing tool.

Highly customizable

Custom magnets are highly customizable, which means marketers can extend their creative scope to a new high. Think beyond just the logo and message by placing artwork, taglines , quotes or something more to engage the audience with your brand. A creatively designed custom magnet will never fail to grab the attention of people around. It will even make a great talking topic for your brand.

Magnets are portable, repositionable and compact. So they are easy to distribute and carry. So, marketers do not require warehouse storage needs or extensive transportation option  while using these promotional giveaways.

Long lasting

These made in USA custom magnets are made from premium quality magnetic material.  You can choose from models for both indoor and outdoor usage to spread your word and get your message far and wide. Designed to last long, custom magnets will literally keep your message in front of the audience for a long time. They will add a pop of colors to the spaces and make excellent décor items on fridge doors while your recipients will find it useful to hold snapshots or reminders. Win-win.


While online ads have only a very short shelf life, promotional giveaways like magnets will make long lasting reminder for your brand. That is why marketers still follow this old school practice to create a favorable impression in the minds of customers.

If you wish to grab easy attention of your clients and retain their interest for a long time, custom magnets will make a great choice. These will go a long way in driving up your credibility.

High visibility

When you  distribute promotional magnets, chances are it will end up in your client’s home or office for a very long time. Interestingly, most people wont even think of replacing the magnets as they love collecting it. So,  your message on these will remain in plain view of the audience thereby creating valuable impressions.

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