Holiday Magnets – Get Your Message Stay on Top of Mind with Clients

Holiday magnets are a delightful way to share your holiday message and get your audience engaged with your business. These full color holiday themed magnets can be customized with your holiday message, motif or more to make your personal messages unique to friends or family. Holiday magnets stick to metal surfaces such as refrigerators or whiteboards keeping your message remain on plain view of your audience even after the holidays.

 Christmas and Holiday Announcement Magnets 20 Mil

Printed holiday magnets are also practical as these hold notes and drawings in place and add color to plain metal surfaces. Designed to look great and last long, these factory direct,magnets made in USA  will stick around for many years.

Make your message part of your customer’s daily habits by giving away these holiday refrigerator magnets that your audience will see while cooking, grabbing a snack or preparing a drink. Consumers will love to display these attractive full color magnets at home or in their office pantry and your message will get ample word of mouth publicity as well.

 What makes holiday magnets special?

Being highly visible, holiday magnets make an interesting talking topic among not just your recipients but anyone who sees it. A complementary color combination that adheres to your brand’s style book will grab easy attention of your audience. Having festive colors in the design will compliment the holiday milieu.

Merry Christmas Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Apart from the holiday message, make sure to add a call to action message by making all the details visible. Make sure to choose a size that will fit all the necessary elements. If your message is short and simple, you can opt for smaller size magnets while large magnets will ensure ample creativity for you in customizing the magnets.

Be creative

Think of a unique and interesting holiday artwork for your magnets; you can even use the  online design studio  tool for faster, real-time creation right from the scratch. It will give you a lot of scope to come up with a holiday design that you cherish unlike a stock image.

Glowing Snowflakes Classic Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Holiday magnets make great giveaways for a variety of reasons. Firstly, these are incredibly cost-effective and are available at prices as low as a few cents. These are eye catching and pop against the fridge doors as your message in full color will impress your audience. Holiday magnets will usher in the seasonal cheer in advance  for your recipients and will remain there even after the holidays.

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