Magnetic Business Cards to Keep Your Business Ever Alive

Business cards are much more than just pieces of imprinted information. They are the magic key that brings customers in at the required time. All brands provide visiting cards to customers to keep the business information and contact details always at the reach of customers. This helps brands to retain customers and even gaining new customers. But, what if the customers misplace the business cards or neglect them as time passes on? You may also get missed among several similar product or services. The only solution is to make the customer keep your information at a place where he/she may eye at frequently. It is at this juncture, magnetic business cards come for help with the most practical solution. If the information is printed on a magnetic business card they may remain before the eyes of customers as magnetic cards are used generally affixed on refrigerators, cabinets or office shelves. All these places will surely, get enough visibility and the desired promotional result.

Visiting cards are the immediate reference aid for customers to contact a brand or firm to avail certain products or services. But the paper cards do hold several disadvantages. First of all they are not durable as the prints and paper may get damaged easily. A paper business card has nothing unique to make it different from other brand’s cards. This will affect the visibility of a particular brand through business cards. Usually paper cards are kept in card holders, which may contain several other brand’s information who all offer similar custom products and services. This will make the customer choosing the first brand which comes before the person. With all these reasons, paper cards never offer assured visibility and expected results in brand promotion.

Magnetic business cards wipes away all these issues and offer the right solution for effective brand promotion through business cards. Magnetic business cards are printed on solid magnets which resemble paper business cards in shape, size and look. But these magnets are not to be kept inside the card holders, but to be affixed on places where eyes reach frequently. They are laminated and well printed to give effective look and feel. Affixed on visible places, they give assured visibility and promotional results. Looking at them many times a day, will make them enter the minds of people, and when the customers are in need of your products or services they will surely turn towards you.

Exceeding the traditional concepts, magnetic business cards come in different sizes and shapes. Round cornered cards, square cornered cards etc… are the widely used variants in business card promotion. They are cheap and easy to carry as the thickness is slightly over the paper cards. Printed in attractive colors and designs, they make excellent decorative item too. Magnetic products are often used as decorative items by people to adorn refrigerators, cabinets or shelves. Thus, custom magnetic business cards are multi-purpose tools of successful brand promotion.

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