What are Popular Outdoor Safe Magnets Employed Used for Promotions?

Outdoor Safe magnets – refer to the large genre of magnets created for outdoor use over cars or other vehicles.  Usually known as vehicle magnets, most of these magnets are thick (30 MIL and above) weather proof (UV safe and laminated) and are made to withstand adversities of atmosphere. This entire means these magnets are shock, heat, water and humidity proof.

Outdoor Safe Magnets

On visiting, some reputed online magnet stores; you can come across large collection of weather proof advertising magnets arranged according to sizes, purposes and prices. Going by trends some of the popular types outdoor safe custom magnets generally employed for promotions include –

  • School Magnets – They are one of the most popular choices or value building by schools and other study institutions trying to attract more students in the new academic year.  School bus shape magnets are most popular choice in this category.
  • Sports Magnets – This is an umbrella term for huge genre of magnets produced for promoting sports and sportsmen. You can always grab the largest sized one to get it suitably done as per the wishes. With March Madness and football season in hindsight, you can always invest in larger-than-life car magnet such as 24×12 magnet, 24x 18 magnet or 24×24 magnet to show your support for a particular team, sports person or to simply trigger sports spirit in other fellow citizens. Sports magnets can be used for popularizing professional teams or school/university teams or local sports teams.
  • Political Magnets – Employing custom outdoor magnets for political seems to be an extension of age-old tradition of painting a political campaigner’s portrait and message over vehicles or larger-than-life billboards. If you find yourselves treading in the same path, then feel free to indulge with various types of outdoor advertising magnets during spring. With pleasant temperature and warm weather, people always love walking around and they can clearly see your candidature information imprinted against such magnets affixed on moving cars. Slowly a trust is built in their minds and it is going to aid you by the time you face polls.
  • Special Purpose Magnets – These promotional magnets are created by keeping special promotional requirements in mind such as ribbon magnets, mortar & pestle shape magnets, computer mouse magnets, droplet shape magnets, heart shaped magnets, etc.
  • Vehicle Shaped Magnets – They are the most popularly sought outdoor promotional magnets throughout the year and spring promotions aren’t going to be different either. It suits transport companies or other marketers trying to grab eyeballs of the crowd.
  • Square, round or rectangle magnets – All the above mentioned magnets except vehicle shaped magnets can be included into this genre. These magnets are very popular on the marketing scene due to their easy availability. Any information against square, round and rectangle is supposed to hit the bulls eyes because people understand them better.

You can make the most of these promotional outdoor safe magnets by employing them for spring promotions.