Here’s Why Oval Magnets 6X4 are Perfect Choice for Brand Refreshing Advertisements

Oval magnets 6X4 are becoming one of the most sought after choice for magnet advertising because they offer large space for testing and experimenting with new branding concepts or refreshing existing ones. Over the years, you might have seen many brands attempting re-branding, but they rarely think about brand refreshing. Now you may think what it is all about brand refreshment and re-branding. The basic difference lies in the approach–

6x4 Inch Oval Shape Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

  • Re-branding means creating a fresh new advertisement for a brand from a new perspective
  • Brand refreshment means modifying the existing advertisement with slight corrections.

This blog details about using oval magnets 6X4 for brand refreshing. Before dwelling into details of the topic, let us understand different conditions, when a brand should attempt brand refreshment –

  • An advertisement sounds haggard and old.
  • When it is trying to influence a new buyer segment such as youth, women or children, etc.
  • When it is trying to attempt brand positioning with a changed perspective
  • When it has decided to re-launch the same product with improvements
  • When it is attempting modernization without disturbing the existing market positioning
  • When it is trying to attract focused customers or consumers
  • When it becomes difficult to survive in the market place with the existing advertisement!

Here are some ways of attempting brand refreshing over 6×4 oval magnets without overdriving your budget or disturbing your existing brand theme-

Changing taglines and slogans
Yes, we mean. Make your campaign sound like human by adding slogans and taglines that exude confidence.

By adding impressive visual elements
Perhaps you might have heard the famous byline – “An impressive picture is worth 1000 words.” You can make your advertisement stand out by adding impressive visual elements. Also, you needn’t worry about escalating costs of color selection because many online eCommerce stores selling personalized oval magnets offer free full color printing.

By introducing branding elements, which weren’t existing before
No one can predict what went wrong with your earlier campaign and perhaps you are the best judge and critic of the campaign that you started and ended. You can introduce certain engaging branding elements, which did not exist before.

By Offering Clear Messages
Customers understand, clear messages. You can offer them clear messages by telling what they can expect on buying from you. How your products will work for them? Why they should rush to buy it from you before the sale ends? Avoid fluff and sent clear messages that cuts across barriers.

For better results, you can combine magnet advertising with digital advertising. You can attempt following things over 6×4 magnets-

It may take time to regain your lost positioning over search engines, but you can attract customers to visit your website by sending customized full color magnets to their homes.

This term is gaining popularity in the internet market space and you can see online forums buzzing news of businesses attempting Google re-targeting or Facebook re-marketing using various digital tools. You can combine the intelligence of cookies and other digital tools for persuading customers who deflected from your website due to some reasons. You can individually mail full color printed magnets proclaiming several benefits to customers, who have registered with you and failed to complete the purchase due to some reasons.

By sourcing customized oval magnets 4×6 from any reputed eCommerce magnet store stocking made in USA magnets, you can save on online design proof, shipping, art setup, and many other areas. Apart from savings, you are attempting a quality magnet, which respects American work and labor traditions with ease.

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