Custom Picture Frame Magnets –Firm Favorites Among Custom Magnet Handouts

Custom magnets hold a special place in the minds of the audience for its quirky charm and incredible practicality. Most people will find magnets interesting as it will add a fun pop of color to their plain fridge doors and create a character while the users can use it to hold up their reminders, shopping lists or kids artwork.

If you are looking for a popular custom magnet that will never fail to impress your audience, look no further than custom picture frame magnets, which fit the bills of a fan favorite!  These full color picture frame magnets will make a stylish photoframe to keep the family snaps or motivational inscriptions for your recipients on their work desks, home or even in car. These attractive magnets will easily grab a foothold over your customer’s refrigerator doors and will set off word of mouth publicity. Nobody can resist these attractive magnets; no wonder they make great talking topics in the social circles of your primary recipients! Incredibly customizable, picture frame magnets can be used to show your creative side all year round.

Limitless models

Calendar Picture Frame Shape Magnets 20 Mil  Offer the dual advantage of a calendar and a picture frame all at once for your recipients with these custom magnets. Ideal for all types of promotional events, these magnets can be suitably personalized with business information to reach out to a wider audience. Every time your recipients check the date or day or cherish the family snaps and special moments, your brand image will get a boost. The best part is that custom magnets have one of the lowest costs per impression as they continue to make brand impression without any repeat investment or effort.

4x7 Custom Calendar Picture Frame Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Picture Frame Double Punch Magnets:  Double branding effect for you and double space for the snapshots for your recipients- perfect win-win situation. These double punch magnets will serve as a unique business card for advertisers that will never fail to grab the attention of your audience. These are well suited giveaways during special occasions and milestone celebrations. Your message on these will get a double mileage.

7x4 Custom Picture Frame Double Punch Magnets 20 Mil

Picture Frame Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: These attractive full color magnets will grab the attention of anyone who sees it and not just your audience. Customize these with your brand and message to make them make your brand the talk of the town literally! The most popular handouts are indeed the most functional and these quirky handouts prove it once again.

4x7 Custom Picture Frame Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Picture Frame Star Punch Magnets: Your audience will get star struck when they receive these attractive picture frame magnets that are shaped like stars! Let your recipients enjoy instant stardom while your brand image get a fillip with these custom magnets.

3.5x4.5 Promotional Logo Picture Frame Star Punch Magnets 25 Mil

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