A Guide To Political Magnets Just In Time For The Polls

For America, this is an election year. Though we don’t know which party will win the federal election, we know for sure that election magnets have been part of the campaigns for many candidates. Ever since Abraham Lincoln used election buttons to commemorate his election victory in 1860, political magnets have been a key arsenal among the American political campaigners.3x4 Custom Political Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

The best part is that election magnets are found to be effective not just during the federal election campaign but during college and religious body elections among others. You have just enough time to catch up with the campaign before America goes to polls on November 8th, 2016!

Here are some smart tips to use election magnets in political campaigns.

  1. Election button magnets can be used to identify volunteers canvassing on behalf of your political party
  2. These budget friendly hand outs that are priced just a few cents will make perfect handouts during massive election rallies. Supporters will love to wear or share these logo items during their campaign.
  3. Imprint your party symbol, slogan and colors to let people know what you stand for. By getting the party colors on to your supporters you can help them express their political loyalty as well. In a world of branding, these custom magnets will help you create a unique brand for the political party that you support.

Which is the right type of button?
2.25” to 3” round magnets are the most commonly ordered election buttons. However, it is perfectly fine to think different and go beyond the conventions by ordering unusual shaped magnets like diamond, oval magnets or rectangle magnets, which will instantly capture the attention of the recipients.

How to customize
You can get creative while customizing the election magnets. However, some of the basic information that should go into the campaign magnets includes the following.

  • The name of the candidate
  • The political party
  • The year of the election
  • Party colors
  • At the back of the magnets you can imprint the details of the sponsor.

As Americans are all set to head to the polling stations, we are making it easier for everyone participating in the political process to spread the election message with custom magnets. We have stocked up a host of political magnets in all possible shapes and sizes including car magnets, buttons and bumper sign magnets that can be customized to promote your election message.

Place your orders in bulk to avail the best discounts on high quality custom magnets for your entire campaign team, family or friends to support your campaign efforts!

Not sure how to be election-ready? Contact us and we can walk you through the ordering process. We have a decent track record of producing quality election magnets in high volumes at the shortest turnaround times, and shipping all over the US. We also provide free art work assistance to create a popular election campaign magnet. Call us right away!

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