Election 2020-  Political Magnets make the Best Custom Handouts

It’s election season in the United States-whether you turn on the TV, or drive down any main road, the election frenzy is palpable already. In a few months time, millions of Americans will go to the polls to choose a candidate of their choice.

Word of mouth publicity goes that extra mile to make candidates win the election. Political parties try to drum up the support of the electorate in all possible ways by educating and inspiring the prospects to vote and take a judicious decision.

To reach out to a mass audience, you need handouts that are cost effective, attention grabbing and well retained. This is what makes custom political magnets a superb option

Political Car magnets are Great Giveaways for Donations

Check out these custom political car magnets that make a great way to raise money from their supporters and reward their most trusted supporters.  Offer these full color magnets for a small donation to raise fund for your campaign. While the recipients have an attractive vehicle magnet to show their political inclinations and beliefs, the political parties have a high visibility promotional item.  It is a win- win!

ustom political campaign car signs Magnets

Proposition-focused magnets can help spread the message you want without having to purchase expensive advertising on TV or radio spot time. Here are some interesting ways to customize magnets to get the word out about ballot propositions.

Tell Them How They Should Vote

Vote shaped magnets convey the simple message of the importance of voting in an effective way. The voting public will remember the brilliant magnets with an ‘Yes’ sign on their refrigerator doors. These magnets will go a long way in convincing those on-the-fence voters that they should vote.

Custom Imprinted Vote Shape Political Magnets 25 Mil

Tell Them Why to Vote

State shaped magnets  are great options to make the ballot initiatives simple and easy to remember for the voters. These will make it easy for the voters to understand and remember the poll propositions easier than those printed out in large pamphlets and brochures. Keep it simple and precise to make the voters remember it.
Printed United States Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Tell Them When to Vote

In the mad paced modern world, most Americans may even forget when the Election Day is. Custom political magnets are a great way to help voters remember when to head over to the polls. Just imprint the poll date on these full color magnets and every time your prospects see these on the car bumpers or fridge doors, they will be reminded of the big day ahead.
3.5x4 Custom Political Magnets 20 Mil

Need more political magnets for your campaign mix? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your budget and theme.

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