How Custom Magnets Make Interesting Conversation Topics among Your Patrons

Custom Magnets have always been the first love of business owners in getting their message out. Guess why? Magnets are popular, functional long lasting and above all budget friendly logo items that can be employed anytime, anywhere.2X3.5 Custom Dog Bowl Shape Notekeeper Dog Care Magnets 20 Mil

But did you know that magnets make interesting conversation topics among your recipients and ensure word of mouth publicity as well? Read on to find how 🙂


Quirky shapes attract instant attention: Magnets turn the conventions upside down when it comes to shapes. Available in a range of quirky and inspiring shapes, magnets are the best way to express your message, thoughts and ideas in a simple and engaging way.

For instance, if you are a pet care center, check out these paw shaped magnets, dog shaped magnets , bone shaped or bowl shaped magnets among many others. Do you think any pet lover can pluck off their eyes from these interestingly shaped magnets that convey your message without even having to say a word!

Every time someone sees these magnets on the refrigerators or filing cabinets of your pet loving recipients, it will set off word of mouth publicity. They too will be interested to know more about your pet care business and may even call up your number to know not just about the pet care services that you offer but also about these freebies!

Car magnets make eye catchy billboards: Why confine your branding message to the limited space of your recipient’s home or office when you can give it the portability of a moving billboard? Check out our range of custom car magnets that will grab a few eyeballs no matter whether your car is moving, stuck at the traffic lights or parked at the basement. These brightly colored magnets are great to promote realtor services, landscaping agencies, car wash services and more. Political candidates can employ these highly visible promotional handouts on their election campaign vehicles too. Great for delivery trucks and service vehicles.

Mailer campaign magnets set off word of mouth publicity : Custom magnets are light weight, unbreakable and easy to distribute, which makes them excellent mailer items. Imprint your logo and message on these and send it out to your prospective or existing customers along with your newsletters or other mails. Your recipients will truly be delighted to get something in their mailbox even today when most people converse and communicate online! See how thrilled your recipients will be that they will surely share this news with everyone in their family and friends circle.

Custom Magnets are born crowd pleasers for sure! No matter whether you use it as tradeshow handouts, mailer campaign items, vehicle magnets or more, these attractive logo gifts will make interesting banter topics for everyone.

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