5 Reasons to Choose Advertising Magnets

During a promotional survey, bunch of surveyors asked commoners why the file cabinets, refrigerators, and cupboards are made up of metal; the answer was “to improve their stability and durability”. Then they asked the same question to advertisers, the answer was “to stick our advertising magnets over them”.

Yes, these plain metallic surfaces can be constructively utilized for magnetic promotions. Now, let’s have a look into those 5 reasons which makes magnets an apt advertising tool –

  • Exposure – Some study estimates have confirmed that on an average a person opens the refrigerator door at least 20 times a day, and an average office worker spends something between 4-10 hours at his or her office cubicle. That’s a pretty good length of exposure for your campaign, isn’t it? Some marketing experts have confirmed that it takes at least 5 viewings for folks to register a particular brand name in their mind. Oh Really?!If you look closely then it can be concluded that no other medium of promotion influences these folks like these promotional magnets, isn’t it?
  • Versatility – Undoubtedly, traditional advertising materials such as cups, mugs, T-shirts, and etc, give good exposure to any brand, but they are not fit for hardcore campaigning (where it requires carrying things around all the time). These magnets are light weight and can be easily carried around.
  • Inexpensive – All those mugs, cups, T-shirts, and cuff links are going to cost you bombs, but not magnets! At times, the small promotional magnets may cost even lesser than your regular business card. The larger promotional magnets (which you affix on a car or truck) may give you run for money, but they offer higher visibility and exposure than the regular sign board in the city junction!
  • Utility Value – Mugs may tear off, t-shirts may wear off, and the cups may get broken, but the magnets will remain fresh and going for a long time. You can carelessly slap them across a kitchen cabinet, office cabinet and refrigerator door and sit back to admire how beautifully it has transformed your plain surface, without knowing that the brand recognition is built in your minds. The magnets can be utilized for holding papers, to secure memories (by using magnetic photo frames), and as a kids toy.
  • Durability – The same set of surveyors (who questioned advertisers about the utility value of metallic cupboards) asked them “what makes magnet so appealing” the answer was their uniqueness and durability. The magnets remain in good condition for long time, which means you may grow old, but not the magnets!

Hope everyone who wishes to make difference through business will find it easier to connect to these advertising magnets in a big way!

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