Dessert Shaped Magnets – What all you can munch away with admiration?

Dessert shaped magnets belong to the league of food shaped magnets and are utilized for personal and business promotions. These magnets make a good fixture over the fridge surfaces or cupboards where they are affixed. Today, advertisers can choose from thousands of the stocks offered by online magnet development stores. Following are some of the popular types of stock magnets offered in the shapes of dessert –

  • Ice cream / ice cream cone shaped magnets – Ice cream is a sweet frozen dessert, which is loved by people of all ages and its mere sight is enough to make people go weak in knees. Ice cream or ice cream cone shaped magnets are utilized by frozen dessert manufacturers to promote their business. This magnet can be suitably customized with business information such as brand logo and contact information. Ice cream magnets are either offered plain or with colors and advertisers can choose them according to their needs.
  • Cupcake shaped magnet – A cupcake is the first dessert that comes to mind whenever we think of our childhood days. The aroma of freshly cooked cupcake stuffed with fruits always tickles our taste buds. Over the years cupcake magnets were being extensively utilized by advertisers owning bakeries and other food establishments. Cupcake shaped magnet can be easily customized with brand logos, tag lines, and other contact information.
  • Fruit Shaped Magnets– Fruits are not considered desserts; still they become an integral part of the dessert when served over or integrated within ice creams, cakes, pastries, pies, and cobblers. Strawberry shaped magnets, apple shaped magnets, and other fruit shaped magnets can be included in this category because they are sweet and supplement many desserts.
  • Dessert pizza shaped magnets – The regular pizza shaped magnets can be converted into the dessert pizza shaped magnets by making small changes in the arrangement of ingredients. These dessert pizza shaped magnets can be utilized by pizzeria owners to promote their services.

Being an advertiser you can choose to design many more dessert shaped magnets resembling cake, pastry, pudding bowl shaped magnets to justify your products and services.

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