Considerations While Choosing the Two side Custom Shaped Business Cards

At times you just need to be little dramatic while choosing the two sided custom shaped business cards. The custom business cards can be exotic, trendy, and subtle or at times bit gaudy owing to the business requirements. Business cards are still considered a worthy investment, and you should take care of the following things while choosing the right kind of business card –

  • Shape – Business cards can be created in any shape.  The double sided business cards can be created in circular shape, phone shaped business card, and calendar shaped business card. Even people involved in the food industry can think of creating food shaped business cards. If you are a pet store owner, then probably you can come up with designs for pet shaped business cards.
  • Colors – It is an important aspect of the business card selection. As said before, the business cards serve as a first step of business communication. For creating the right impact, you need to get them right. You need to choose the colors such that can be synchronized with your brand colors. The colorful business cards may naturally attract the viewer but you need to choose the colors very carefully or it may distract the viewer attention. Also, the printing costs for the colorful business cards are high.
  • Sizes – It is one of the most important parameter for choosing the right kind of two sided custom shaped business cards. Typically, customers settle for a 2 x3 business card, but they can also experiment with a 2×2 or 3×3 sized cards.
  • Texture – This is another important parameter which should be kept in mind while choosing the two sided custom magnetic business card. A texture leaves a long lasting impression on the customer minds.
  • Content – Ultimately the customer only gets impressed with the business content imprinted on the business card. Choose the content such that it gives out maximum information. On one side of the business card, you can choose to imprint the contact address of the business organization. On the other side perhaps you can talk about some new products or new line of products, and etc.

The two sided custom shaped magnets make a good promotional tool, once you take care of the above mentioned things.

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