How promotional magnets make effective fund raising tools?

It is estimated that there over 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US that vie with each other to grab the biggest donor support pie. Many nonprofits lose on an average of 7 of 10 donors every year, which forces them to set out on new fundraising initiatives to find new donors and to keep their cause alive. A successful fund raising campaign will have to be budget oriented yet high in visibility and that is where fundraising magnets come to the center stage.

1.62x3.25 Custom Awareness Fluorescent Lightbulb Shape Magnet

Magnets are long lasting

Printed magnets can help you find new donors, engage the community and build brands all around the year to keep your campaign full throttle. You can choose from various printed magnets like magnetic postcards, calendar magnets, business card magnets, car magnets and awareness magnets for a nonprofit fundraising marketing. Light weight and trendy, these custom magnets are easy to distribute and are always well received. Promotional items like calendar magnets will ignite action not just for a few days or weeks but all around the year, which give a distinct edge to your promotional campaign.

Social media promotions are short living and are easily forgotten. Whereas custom magnets stick around for a long time and every time your patrons see these attractive magnets on their filing cabinets or fridge doors, they will be reminded of your mission.

Car magnets are great options to give wheels to your mission as your message will get instant attention no matter whether you are on the move or at the traffic lights.

Advantages of promotional magnets

Enhances Credibility

Business card magnets can be used to build up credibility and to reach out to your target audience. These will keep your clients get connected with the cause for a very long time unlike an email that disappears in no time among the heaps of new mails in the inbox! Phone call marketing is obtrusive and often customers get irritated by frequent calls while promotional magnets promote your message and mission in a subtle and non intrusive manner.

12x12 Round corners Election Car Signs 30Mil Full Color Magnet

Credibility of brands can play an important role in engaging people and that can happen only through long term promotions and repeated impressions. The more well-known a nonprofit is, the easier it is to raise money and recruit volunteers. A popular nonprofit organization can get connected to an impressive audience by ensuring a strong and multiple level communications.

Mass appeal

The best part is that promotional magnets can take your promotional campaign to everyone including those without internet or Smartphone. Logo magnets can build trust in the minds of your patrons as repeated impressions will reinforce your brand whereas social messages get deleted in flash or pushed into oblivion by the flurry of new messages that might make your mission grounded forever.

If your nonprofit organization is looking for fundraising magnets that will help you find new donors or build your brand, your search will end at as we have a range of promotional magnets in all possible sizes, shapes and price range. Choose the one that suits your promotional themes, imprint your logo and message and hand these out at mass events to reach out to new donors and to engage your loyal community to make your fundraising events a top success.