How to utilize live area in advertising magnets?

Black and White are the two terms, which are synonymous with our perception of life. All the ups and downs in our life can be mapped into this term. Similarly if you wish to advertise a product or service or personality through advertising magnets, then you must be able to map the concept of live area or white space and dark area or black space. Let’s try to analyze these things in a receptive way-

Living Space or White Space

Living space or white space is an area, which is utilized for printing advertising content. As we all know that advertising is a language, which utilizes typological symbols for communication. It can be any visual graphics such as logo, designs, decorated catch phrases, etc. For many businessmen the advertising only means casual arrangement of content for attracting audience.

However, advertising is the first thing, which attracts a viewer and influences his buying decision. Advertisers should start paying attention towards the white space or living space for creating eponymous campaigns.

Black Space is an area surrounding this white space, which often gets trimmed during designing or printing custom magnets.

live area print magnets

(In this image the live space is depicted by red line and the blue line signifies dark area, which will be axed during the final process)

Conception about white space or live area may vary from printer to printer. Generally printers or designers choose to seek the 1/8th –1/2 inch from the trimmed edges as the white space depending on the type of advertisement material.

For small sized advertising postcards and business cards – 1/8th inch from trimmed edge is an ideal white space.

For brochures and large advertising postcards – 1/4th inch -1/2 inch from trimmed edges is considered an ideal white space.

This calculation is done to ensure that layout remains in best shape even if a printer accidentally cuts out some portion extra from normal.

Managing White Spaces in Print Campaigns
Managing whites spaces in print campaigns can be lot easier if you are sure about the content to be advertised.

  • Try to work out the borders.
    People always love to see advertisements, which are neatly presented. This doesn’t means that advertisements without borders are not neatly placed. We just want to say that borders add authenticity to the campaign.  
  • Highlight Objects
    The objects to be highlighted should be chosen with care because it is the only thing, which bypasses a customer’s attention and influences his buying decision. This object can be some good illustration or brand logo. Even this space can be best utilized for highlighting catch phrases and other symbols. Contrast colors can highlight the space. Gaudy and pointed colors can be avoided in this space.

If you happen to keep these points in mind, then there are lesser chances of failure, and more chances of brand getting noticed. Advertisements should be the one which remains in public memory for long time and continues to stir the public consciousness at every sight.

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