The Secret Formula Of Customizing Promotional Magnets – Less Is More

Promotional magnets attract and influence your recipients with their visual appeal and quirky charm. So, have you been laying enough stress on the character and designs of custom magnets? Take a look on how to go about it3 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Less is more.
Good things come in small packs and that is not just applicable to tweets and slogans. The same holds true in customizing magnets as well. How well can you say everything you need to without cluttering up the space is what makes the success formula while customizing magnets? Be it mascots, emoticons, snazzy slogans or taglines, how well you succeed in getting your message across without having to depend on piles of information is what makes your promotional magnets bang on target.

Refrigerator Magnets are meant for fridge doors where you can expect a lot of competition for space. So, make sure that your magnets are loaded with fun and color, which will help them stay for a long time. Boring magnets will be the first ones to get trashed. So, make sure that yours stay forever with some clever customization tips. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to the visual appeal of your magnets as anything that pleases the eyes of your recipients will inspire their thoughts and decisions in the days ahead. Whimsical fonts, attractive colors, quirky artwork- put in whatever you need to make your logo magnets stand out on their fridge doors.2x3.5 Custom Business Card Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil

No-clutter design
Make sure that you adopt a minimalistic and simple design that will get your message out without heaps of texts. Nobody is interested to keep your sales pitch stuck on their refrigerator. Come out with a cheeky photo or cartoon to get your message out and make sure you include your website url and phone number to get your promotions up and kicking!

Not creative enough to come up with something interesting? Don’t worry. Our graphic experts will help you to turn these promotional magnets into beautiful masterpieces that nobody can resist- that too for free! Well does that sound too good to be true? Browse our site, choose a magnet that will work fine for you and we can help you come up with a great design that won’t cost you anything extra and will surely impress your recipients. Shop right away!

Here are some of the top sellers that will help you get started

Refrigerator calendar magnets: A calendar at easy access, a hold up for your shopping list and above all a brand billboard- all in one!

Circle shape magnets: A delightful fridge art that not many people can resist, circle magnets will help you tell everything to your audience in style!

Business card refrigerator magnets : Put your contact details right in front of your audience with these smart cards. Next time when they need your products, they will know where to look!

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