Two or double sided magnets – What are the available choices?

Two sided magnets or double sided magnets as the name suggests are the custom magnets, which can be customized with information on both the sides. The advertisers who love to interact with their customers in a very unique way can utilize this two sided magnet to express business information.  Following are some of the popular types of double sided magnets offered by leading online magnet distributors –

  • Double sided business card magnet – As the name suggests this business card magnet has information imprinted on its both sides. It is also a boon for those entrepreneurs who own two businesses because they choose to introduce their both businesses at one steep fee. Don’t you think it’s worth investing!
  • Double sided calendar magnet The lifespan of an average calendar is a year, but this double sided calendar magnet allows advertisers to prolong their visibility for 2 years. They can choose to imprint the regular calendar for the year and next year. This will ensure that their brand remains in customer memory for long time. This type of calendar can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor promotions.
  • Double sided rectangle magnet – This magnetic promotion canvas can be utilized for expressing large set of business information. The advertiser can choose to imprint totally different data on both the sides. Some of the most viable options may include – regular calendar on one side and business information on the other side or a match schedule on one side and calendar on the other side, and etc. The choice of data will totally depend on the advertisers requirements.
  • Double sided house magnet This magnet aids realtors and people who are into buying, selling and renovation of homes. They can utilize this two sided house magnet to give out information about the business and the other side can be utilized to make people aware about the importance of building green friendly homes.  No one will ever think of throwing away these house magnets.
  • Double sided phone magnets – This magnet can be best utilized by small business owners to give away their important contact information and other vital business information. People will always love to stick it over their refrigerators, kitchen cubicles, and magnets.
  • Double sided circle magnet – This magnet can be of best use for those advertisers who work on limited budget. They can customize one side of the magnet with the brand information such as logo and other side with the contact information. The main attraction of this type of magnet is indeed the colors used for customization and advertisers can suitably play around the colors to gain an easy attention. They can go for contrast colors such as red and green or black and white, and etc.

Advertisers can find many more uses of these two sided magnets and they can suitably customize it to pack maximum business information.

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