Save the date magnets with pictures and calendar ideas

Save the date magnets are sent as pre-invitations and they are mostly retained by people as wedding souvenirs. Today, these pre-invitations are offered in thousands of designs and shapes, and couples can literally choose from them on the basis of their preferences. At times it has been observed that many of these save the date magnets also get transformed in a main invitation due to the sophistication of design offered.

Following are some of the creative save the date magnets with pictures and calendar ideas, which you can consider if you are planning to send out pre-invites to your guests.

  • Save the date announcement cards – This is one of the simplest themes offered at the online magnet stores. Save the date announcement cards can be personalized with images and wedding date information. These cards are offered in various sizes and shapes and couple can choose them according to their priorities. If a couple opts for a bigger card then they can personalize it with some poetry or some other information pertaining to their relationship.
  • Photo Strip Magnets – This type of save the dates work for couple who wish to get little specific and creative with their ideas.  Most of the photo strip- save the dates carries 4 spaces, which the couples can personalize with four photographs. The couple can use 4 different photographs from four stages of life or some of their photographs in four moods or four photographs with lip mimicking save the date on May 16, 2012.
  • Save the date Calendar Magnet – This is very unique idea of letting others know that you are going to get hitched on a particular date. A save the date calendar magnet can be customized with the wedding day events or events prior and after the wedding. This custom magnet can make a good eye candy when affixed on refrigerators and other visible spaces. Also, people will take extra interest in preserving it as an art object. The save the date calendar magnet can be suitably personalized with your images or some thoughts, and etc.
  • Save the Date Postcards – As said before, some of the save the dates also get converted into save the date postcards. These postcards can be suitably personalized with interesting information. You can choose to add more images and less text or vice versa. In any form people cannot simply ignore it due to the uniqueness of the concept.

Save the date magnets are perhaps the only personal promotion tool which offers high value of customization to its users. Also, it belongs to the league of one of the most loved and treasured magnetic souvenirs of all time!

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