Various Types of Personalized Fridge Magnets for Promotions

Refrigerators are no more luxury products in the modern world, and almost every house has a refrigerator. People approach refrigerators several times a day and it is one of the most used and most viewed equipment at home. Brands have introduced promotional refrigerator magnets at this context of visibility and usability of refrigerators. Personalized fridge magnets are the magnetic products that can be affixed onto the metal surface of refrigerators. These magnets can be useful products like calendar magnets or notepad magnets, or purely promotional magnets with brand names and promotional messages. There are several types of fridge magnets, classified according to the size, shape and utility of them. The most common types of personalized refrigerator magnets are personalized fridge magnets, standard acrylic magnets, 2D PVC fridge magnets and ultra thin refrigerator magnets.

Customized fridge magnets are the variant, widely used for promotional purposes. They come with custom shape, designs and messages. They come as car shaped, house shaped, mug shaped airplane shaped etc… Custom magnets can be manufactured in any desired shape. Customization helps them to be attractive and eye grabbing. People use personalized fridge magnets as decorative items; thus custom shaped magnets become great products to serve the purpose of fridge decoration. Most of the custom magnets are used by brands to popularize their products and services. Affixed to the refrigerators, they promote brands and their business for practically long periods of time.

Standard acrylic magnets are another variant in refrigerator magnets. Being manufactured in durable thick acrylic, they remain durable for longer periods and offer lasting advertisements and extended promotional results. Acrylic magnets are attractive and best decorative products. They come in multi color printing and also with laminated finishes. There are several material used to print the promotional messages, but the acrylic magnets are outstanding when the durability and promotional effects are concerned.

2D PVC fridge magnets offer eye inviting powers and safety to kids. Made in polymer plastic, the PVC magnets are highly flexible and unbreakable. They are also known as kid-safe products. The flexibility of the product helps it get affixed to even uneven surfaces. They usually come with 2 dimensional images. The softness of the product keeps it unbreakable and durable. Messages or images printed onto PVC magnets remain clear and readable for long. They are great magnets of fridge decoration as the multicolor printed magnets will entertain both elders and kids.

Ultra thin magnets are most loved products as they look great on every refrigerator. The thinnest magnet comes at a size of 0.5ml thickness. This will make the magnets not bulging out on the surfaces. They can also be used for offices. Ultra thin magnets are easy to carry and the strong magnetic power helps them getting affixed on the surfaces strong for longer periods. Thick magnets are not impressive as they project outward on the surfaces and affixing many of such on a fridge will make the entire surface looking dull. Many brands use ultra thin magnets as effective products for brand promotion.

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