What are all the magnets good for advertising?

Magnetic advertising has taken the world by storm. Today, different types of custom magnets are utilized for business promotions. The advancement in magnetic printing techniques has led us to an era, where it is possible to seek a promotional magnet in any shape or size! The magnets can be utilized for indoor or outdoor promotions depending on the promotional preferences. Here comes the main question what are magnets good for advertising?

Today, you can choose to promote through magnet of any shape, still following magnets are preferred by advertisers because they aid in long run.

Regular shaped magnets – A circle, triangular, rectangular, and square shaped magnet can be utilized for promotional uses because these are easily recognized shapes. These shapes can bring maximum visibility due to their familiarity. Also, they offer lots of creative freedom to the advertiser who can use the available space constructively to express his brand information.
Custom Shaped Magnets – They can be created in any desirable shape. The utilization of this kind of magnet may be limited because it is specifically created to fulfill certain promotional purpose. This magnet can be suitably utilized to promote niche specific services or products. The advertisers working specific niche sectors can utilize this magnet for promotions. The custom shaped magnets can be utilized for indoor and outdoor promotions. When utilized for outdoor promotions, the advertisers can attain fast recognition due to unique shape of the magnet. Paw shaped magnets, vehicle shaped magnets, food shaped magnets, are some of the popular examples of this kind of magnet.

Business Card Magnets – The magnetic business cards are being sought by advertisers because it serves them in two ways –

  • Helps them to seek competitive advantage
  • Ensures a good service life than the regular shaped magnets

The business card magnets can be customized as per the preferences and its utility value can be improved by offering it with calendars.

Postcard Magnets – They make a good promotional choice for advertisers who have to share lots of information with the customers. This magnet can be suitably customized with business information in a simple manner. The advertisers who wish to serve it as a business gift can always design a postcard magnet as an attractive poster. Also, they can choose to develop it as a calendar magnet after suitably customizing it with business information.

Sports Schedule Magnets – These magnets are utilized by brands to convey some important sports related information. Such magnets are utilized by advertisers at the peak of sports season. Advertisers can choose to imprint suitable sports schedules followed by brand information. This magnet has short shelf life, but it is good enough to leave a long lasting impression in customer minds.

Advertisers can apply any of the above types of magnets for promotion depending on their promotional preferences, requirements and budgets. They will definitely catch customer attention due to the uniqueness of the concept.

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