1.5X10 Magnets – How Do They Offer You Competitive Edge Over other Promotional Gifts?

Promotional magnets are fast replacing small value promotional gifts due to many reasons. 1.5 x 10 magnets are slowly becoming the value building choice for many marketers who were eagerly gifting pens, pocket notepads, caps, toys, etc. Do you know what might have influenced their decision to go for these smaller strip sized magnets?! Read this blog to understand competitive advantage delivered by these customized magnets –

1.5x10 Square Corner Custom Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Strips Competition and Makes Your Brand Information Presentable
You might have seen large sized magnets giving away a big chunk of information. Although people would love to retain them over refrigerator doors, they may not take pains to read them every time they approach the refrigerator door. 10x 1.5 magnets are strip sized, which means marketers should concise their information and offer it in a presentable manner. People really don’t bother whether you are offering a big bible of promotional information or small chunks of information because they are only interested in the basic message that it conveys. You can easily strip the competition by positioning only the important information in crisp and lucid language.

Slices Down The Marketing Investment
A 10 x 1.5 magnet not only slices down the marketing text, but also the marketing investment. With the economic slowdown seriously affecting businesses, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to save on marketing investments. They are slowly gyrating to the idea of smart advertising, which allows them to make savings and at the same time make impressions with ease. By investing in a strip sized promotional magnet 1.5x 10 advertisers can easily slice down their marketing investment. They can avail best buy pricing on bulk ordering these customized magnets from any reputed online store selling them.

Personalized 1.5x10 Square Corner Calendar Magnets 20 mil

Adds Conviction to the Business Messages
Imagine the two situations – a big banner announcing your new project is hogging attention at the city center and a 1.5 x10 magnet announcing your new project is featuring over the refrigerator door. In the earlier product, the views are scattered and the conversion ratio is very small, however the later may bring you some quality customers because you are approaching them personally. A personalized magnet would add conviction to the same information presented over a banner. People can read it personally and make their decisions. This is why many small and big budget marketers are considering advertising through magnets 10 x 1.5 seriously than before.

Allows You to Inch Closer to Your Customer in a Persuasive Way
10 x 1.5 magnets allow you to inch closer to your customer in a persuasive way. You can use it for personal targeting and your customers would feel elated on receiving a promotional item, which addresses them and appreciates their interest in your business. You can design these magnets as calendar magnets or holiday wishes magnets, etc. It will help you to inch closer to them persuasively and effectively.

Enjoy Long Term Stay in Homes of Targeted Customers
There is no other promotional gift or product as custom magnets, which ensure you long-term stay in the homes of your customers. Everyone loves high quality full color magnet and they won’t let it go easily, which means you are going to enjoy long innings with this one time investment.

You can ramp up your campaign by buying these customized 10 x 1.5 magnets from any reputed online magnet store, which allows you to save on online design proof, art setup, shipping and full color printing because their prices are included.