5 Reasons 1.7X6 Magnets May Work for Your Brand

All these years, you might have avoided working with small promotional magnets thinking that they may not do any good to your campaign. Perhaps, you were just following the age-old Darwinism concept of “survival of the fittest”, where weaker species stood very rare chance of survival. You thought that 1.7x 6 magnets and several small custom magnets were weaker and they may not survive the competition. We would say you have not understood the theory because it only says that unfit individuals or species (read advertising materials) may not flourish; it never said small may not survive the battle of brands!

1.75x6 Round Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

Here are 5 reasons, custom 1.7 x 6 magnets may work for your brand –

  • Quick and Easier Way to Express “YOU”
    Consider a billboard, blackboard, and a notebook. What does each of them do? Perhaps they serve as a medium of information exchange. People use them for sharing vital information. Similarly, this small rectangle magnet 6×1.7 would easily serve as a medium of expression. It may not allow you to print promotional thesis or cut throat-advertising texts, but it would definitely show you the quick and easier way to express your brand logo and slogan. Doesn’t that sound intelligent?!
  • Brings out the Monet in “You”
    The impressions of Water lilies and willowy poplars are still fresh in your mind. Often you might have dreamed impressionism a la Monet way, while creating advertising text and failed to do so. Exorbitant prices of color printing may force marketers to resort to simple printing with black and white colors. You can easily unleash Monet feelings over full color 6×1.7 magnets. Avail free full color printing on custom magnets.
  • Allows You to Make the Best First Impression
    Perhaps you all know that first impressions is always the best and last impression. People remember your brand based on the first impression that they had about you. So, don’t hesitate to create an impressive branding profile complete with a logo and slogan in bright colors. You can spread out your logo efficiently and effectively over these custom magnets.
  • You can Spread Your Brand Faster
    Today, there is lot of stress on productivity and no one has time to lay back and read plush corporate brochures or flyers handed to them during tradeshows. They prefer receiving small promotional items, which save their time and inform them about the product. They are largely resorting to 1.75x 6 custom printed magnets because these allow them to spread their brand information faster than the speed of light. People would notice large prints on the smaller magnet easily than small print on the large magnets. They would appreciate any promotional item, which saves their time and informs about the new business on the block. People would treasure them over their refrigerator door as a refrigerator art and advertisement.
  • You can Channelize Advertising Budget and Efforts Towards Developing the Business
    It is seen that lots of newbie businesses end up spending exorbitantly over advertising campaigns. Their ignorance of the concepts and lack of knowledge often results in over spending. However, most online stores stocking custom magnets or supporting magnet advertising offer benefits of free online design proof and free art set up, which takes care of all advertising fiascos. Only you have to concentrate on contact building and business expansion.Avail best buy pricing by ordering customized magnets in bulk from a reputed online store stocking personalized magnets. You may save on shipping and full color printing, too.

Challenge your nearest competitors by spreading your brand information over these customized magnets 1.75 x 6.