1.5X5 magnets – 5 Creative Ways of Awareness Building

1.5 x 5 magnets are becoming a common feature in many homes around US as an awareness generator. Before getting into their creative details, let us try to answer an important question – What is required to make others believe that you are around? Perhaps a big impact in your individual style, isn’t it? Socializing, advertisements and emotional announcements are commonly preferred methods of impact generation. With the world getting smaller, it is becoming difficult to utilize any of these above mentioned methods in its fullest potential. This is why many marketers are embracing magnet advertising because it renders them best socialization experience, also scores high on emotional quotient and advertising potential. Now coming back to the 5x 1.5 magnets, they are eligible, adorable, and affordable choice for awareness building due to their strip size design.

Many businesses and individuals are using them as–

1.5x5 Round Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

  • Save the Date Magnets
    Announcing a special day or event in style is one of the aspects of socializing. Only you need to have creative thoughts in succeeding with your ideas. You can easily do it with customized 1.5 x 5 save the date magnets. It offers you enough space to print an eye catching byline such as “we are becoming one on 1.1.2015” followed by your image and wedding date. It will definitely buy you an admirer than most save the date paper card designs that you’ve been considering.
  • Awareness Magnets
    Awareness building is a very elegant way of making others realize that you exist. You can easily do it with awareness magnets 1.5x 5. Whether it is about raising your voice against social evils, medical lapses or informing people about oncoming medical camps or tradeshows, you can easily do it over these strip magnets. People would be compelled to look at it and they would stick it over their refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces in the home.

Awareness 1.5x5 Round Corner Full Color Custom Magnets

  • Fundraiser Magnets
    Fundraising for a cause is the perfect way of showing your human side. You can always give back to the society by contributing to a cause. Whether it is a corporate fundraiser or a school fundraiser, you can impress people by printing your message clearly against full color custom 1.5 x 5 magnets. Gift these personalized magnets during fundraisers and other small charity events.
  • Sales Announcements
    There might be several other businesses, which cater to the same set of audience as yours and it may become difficult to acknowledge them. You can easily make your presence felt by announcing some special events. You can attract customers by announcing huge festive discounts or sales. It is perfect to bulk mail 1.5 x 5 custom sales announcement magnets to your regular customers and prospective leads. They would be happier to share the news with their loved ones, which would easily bring you even more leads.
  • Socializing Magnets
    Socializing magnets are perfect for announcing your desire to mingle with your loved ones, friends, colleagues and exes. It may refer to the kind of magnet, which you use for sending holiday wishes, announcing the next tea party or theme party, etc. You can always use strip size magnets for such announcements because they are short, overpowering and offer good visibility amongst the clutter of big sized promotional magnets adorning the refrigerator doors.

You can always source your 1.5 x 5 magnets from any reputed online store stocking them because they offer you best buy pricing and savings in the form of free online design proof, free art setup, free shipping, and free full color printing.