1.5X6 Magnets – How They Effectively Contribute in Brand Promotion?

Promotional magnets are becoming popular advertising products all over the world. Today, they are available in many sizes, shapes, and budgets, thereby allowing marketers to get creative and finicky at the same time. Many other popular promotional tools lack dignity, creative flair, and purpose value expected from them, whereas personalized magnets score high in these areas. 1.5 x6 magnets are one of the popular sizes sought for promotions and they are largely sought for promotions due to the following reasons –

6 x 1.5 Scale Shape Full Color Magnet

Easy Visibility
There is really no shortage of advertising magnets in the market today. Marketers can easily settle for sizes, which fits into their budget and highlight their business information in the best possible way. However, promotional magnets are becoming a regular feature over refrigerator doors and other visible ferrous surfaces. Even if someone decides considers their refrigerator door as a collage of full color promotional magnets, yours will feature due to its special size 1.5 x6. There may come a time, when recipients may decide to get rid of many of them to avoid clutter, but your small strip magnet may receive a benefit of the doubt. They would appreciate it for being clutter free and persuasive.

1.5x6 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Easy Personalization
Personalization is difficult for many of the promotional products, which are used by marketers. They are ruled by their own set of limitations regarding choice of colors or positioning of information, etc. However, 6×1.5 magnets allow them to be at ease and go hyper-creative with their campaigns. They can present their business information in a crisp and lucid manner without cluttering it with unwanted information. In addition, many online stores stocking these clutter-free personalized magnets offer free full color printing, which means marketers don’t need to limit their creativity to black, white, or a couple of other colors. They can go overboard with their choice of bright and sunny colors.

Easy Savings
When it comes to many other low budget promotional gifts the bulk order margins are low. However, it is exactly the different with promotional magnets such as 6x 1.5 because they largely remain affordable for everyone. Furthermore, marketers can save on investments on bulk ordering. On looking around, you will see many reliable, reputed, and affordable online stores offering you free online design proof, free shipping and free art set up. Ensure that they don’t have other hidden charges.

Easy Distribution
Many times marketers shy away from the idea of promotional gifting due to the efforts involved in distribution. Now they save on efforts by carrying lightweight and customized magnets 1.5x 6 to tradeshow venues or mail it directly to their customers. Even if they want to carry it in bulk, it won’t take them a couple of bags to transport it to tradeshow venues.

Long Term Visibility
Customized magnets 1.5 x 6 are unlike many other expensive business promotional gifts, which lack persuasion or purpose. Bearing strong magnetic adhesive, these custom magnets possess large shelf life and they’d remain fixed to refrigerator doors for a long time.

With so many qualities to count upon 6x 1.5 magnets are sure to give you the best value for investment.