1.5X7 Magnets – Perfect Choice for Stylized Announcements

At times, you might have considered conventional styles to announce some special event in the life. You might have followed them with a little skepticism about their success. On the other hand, you might have skipped them thinking about incurring wrath of your loved ones and investment it may require. Whatever be the reason your turnaround, again, you can follow your unconventional ideas with a passion because 1.5×7 magnets are here. You can easily employ custom magnets for making bookmark advertisements and announcements.

What do bookmark advertisements mean? You need to understand the task and the purpose of a regular bookmark. A bookmark helps in marking continuity in a book and it helps a reader to return to the last page with ease. Similarly, a bookmark magnet gives impression of our current state of business or mind. People would lovingly indulge them over their refrigerator doors for reference purposes.

1.5×7 magnets can be used for making stylized announcements. Stay glued to know type of announcements you can make through them –

1.5x7 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

  • Save the Date Occasion Magnets
    You can use these strip size magnets to announce any special occasion such as festive gathering, baby shower, bridal shower, or any other impending celebrations. People would happily retain a small strip sized magnet over their refrigerator door than a big sized magnet, which threatens to disrupt their view. Personalized magnets always receive a priority because they strike emotional chords within onlookers.
  • Save the Date Wedding Magnets
    Perhaps you and everyone else reading this blog might have jumbled and stumbled about announcing the union in style. This strip-sized magnet strikes down such dilemma with its easy to view size. 7×1.5 magnets are money savers and they can easily make your special information stand out on the refrigerator door. They will continue to remind your prospective guests about the impending date and their duty to attend it.

1.5x7 Custom Save the Date Magnets Wedding

  • Announcing a Sale
    It is not necessary that every time you should take to the media or newspaper advertisements to announce a special sale in your organization. This time, you can easily do it through these customized 1.5×7 magnets. You can mail it to homes of your regular clients or gift it during tradeshows or any other promotional events. People would easily take a look of a long strip magnet announcing a “sale, sale, and sale” at the top of voice. Free full color printing offered by many reputed online stores allows advertisers to unleash their creativity over strip-sized magnets.
  • Announcing a Fundraiser
    It is not easier to drive people to a fundraiser unless and until it relates to some glamorous events. Today, you can see businesses splurging on celebrity appearances to drive their fundraiser events. You can cut down on celebrity investments and concentrate on personalized approach through these 7x 1.5 custom magnets. They cannot avoid the lure of a colorful magnet nudging their consciousness and asking them to attend the event.

You can use 1.5 x7 magnets in many other productive ways to make specialized announcements. Avail benefits of free full color printing, free art setup, free online design proof, and free shipping by sourcing your custom magnets from a reputed online store.