1.5X8.5 Magnets – Perfect Choice to Build Smart Advertisements

Smart advertising is a term, which is gaining momentum with many big and small budget marketers who wish to make a strong impact with their low budget investments. Magnet advertising is one such brilliant example of smart advertising. Today, you can easily avail personalized magnets in different price ranges, sizes, and shapes. Personalized magnets are becoming thing of envy for marketers and individuals who wish to make their efforts stand out in the crowd. Here are some examples of how individuals and marketers are seeking benefits from 1.5 x 8.5 magnets.

8.5x1.5 Square Corner Custom Full Color Magnets 25 Mil

  • Announcing Specials
    Any announcement, which targets lead generation, should be presented with a difference. This is why many small and big budget marketers are seeking 8.5 x 1.5 strip sized magnets to announce their specials. They are using it for announcing sales, discounts and many other specials.
  • Introducing the Business
    People are bored of seeing pamphlets, flyers and other regular marketing items announcing new business in the vicinity. They expect you to reach out to them in special ways. Customized magnet strips 1.5 x8.5 can be employed for presenting a new business in style. People would easily take note of full color magnet strips announcing the new business in the vicinity. They would proudly display it over their refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces in the home.
  • Popularizing Logo
    Today, businesses are splurging on multimillion advertisements to popularize their logo and business details. It is not necessary to spend on big investments to promote a business, when you can do it in a short and crisp manner by availing these 1.5x 8.5 magnets. You can personalize the brand logo in real colors prior to gifting because most popular online magnet stores offer free full color printing.
  • Sending Holiday Wishes
    With increasing niche competition, marketers are pressed to remain in touch with their customers in special ways. No wonder, they are splurging on various low value promotional items to market their business and build strong relationships with their customers. Marketers are largely seeking 1.5 x8.5 magnets for sending holiday wishes in full color. They know their regular clients and prospective customers cannot ignore the lure of full color magnets personally wishing them good time for holidays.
  • Announcing Change of Address
    Newspaper flyers or big billboards announcing a change of address is already popular, but they lack the personal touch. You can easily avoid this non-personal situation of announcement by seeking a full color strip magnet announcing change of address in full colors. Your clients would feel happier that you chose to inform them in a special way. Your business logo followed by a line “We are moving to the Parker Street – New York” will make deep impressions in their mind.

You can use customized magnets 1.5×8.5 in creative ways, if you wish to grab attention in real. Perfect for tradeshow gifting, bulk mailing, complementary gifting, etc.

Many big online stores offer benefits of free art setup, free online design proof, free shipping and lowest price match guarantee. Although they offer great discounts on wholesale orders, the holiday time is even better because great savings are offered on the total price.