10.5X5.5 Magnets – Why You Should Attempt Generosity Marketing Using THem?

Generosity marketing is a term for marketing, where a marketer sounds like human offering benefits in the form of freebies. Nowadays, marketers are experimenting with various generosity marketing strategies to push their sales. With the growing popularity of magnet advertising, marketers are attempting at generosity marketing more persuasively than before. 10.5×5.5 magnets are one of the popular rectangle magnets used for generosity marketing. Before going into details of why they may become a perfect choice for your marketing campaign, let’s brush up some details of generosity marketing over the years.

10.5x5.5 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

In 1960’s, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and S& H Green Stamps started their generosity program by offering valuable gifts to their customers. This marketing technique not only helped them to develop strong bonds for reciprocal business, but also heralded a new era of marketing. Today, with the emergence of various digital media platforms and technologies, consumers are increasingly getting conscious about falling into traps of marketers. The need for loyalty marketing has increased more than ever.

A recent study by EY suggests, in the US only 25% consumers are loyal to the brand, which is a way very less than what marketers spend on advertising. With internet marketing becoming the next big thing, marketers have to fight it at the global level. They have to work hard to retain their existing customers and influence their buying decision.Many marketing experts suggest that brands will succeed in this ruthless game of business, only and only if they can evoke strong reciprocal responses.

Now coming to the point, marketers can indulge customized 10.5 x 5.5 magnets for offering–

  • Generous Discounts
    Customers love to get associated with marketers who offer them generous discounts over everything. Send personalized magnets 5.5 x 10.5 as a discount coupon to the homes of your customers who referred your products or services to someone. Or you can offer these customized discount coupons as a reminder of the online discount program you are operating.
  • Gift Vouchers
    Personalized 10.5 x 5.5 magnets make perfect choice for printing gift vouchers because they are large and easily visible over refrigerator doors.
  • Loyalty Points or Loyalty Bonus
    Marketers can offer loyalty programs over customized magnets as people would retain them over their refrigerator doors. A continuous reminder of loyalty will encourage people to buy it from the brand, time and again.
  • Free Holiday Packages
    Marketers can send customized full color magnets announcing free holiday packages to the homes of their loyal customers. They can send it as a surprise during the holiday season or other special occasions. People would appreciate such generosity and would love to retain memories of a great holiday over their refrigerator doors as long as they wish.

In this vast competitive world, customers expect brands to fulfill their social commitments. Even a small gesture can make a vast difference to the bottom line. The challenges of generosity marketing- is becoming bigger for brands, which are struggling to retain a loyal customer base.

If you are one such marketer , who have failed to retain a strong and loyal customer base, feel free to experiment with various forms of generosity marketing over these customized magnets 10.5 x 5.5.