2.25X5.5 Magnets Can Become a Catalyst to Your Brand Success, Know Why

2.25×5.5 magnets are termed as the secret ingredient for success in the magnet advertising. By now, many newbie marketers and established marketers have benefitted from size of these custom magnets.

Do you want to know what is so special about them and how they can benefit your campaign? Stay tuned.

2.25x5.5 Square Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

  • A Rectangle of Acceptance
    5.5 x 2.25 magnets
    may not be a bigger catch as the billboard buying your attention at the city center, but it is good enough to tie attention over a refrigerator door. It is believed that a person goes to fridge at least 10 times a day. It indirectly means that your brand information will be seen at least 10 times in a day.Although there is no rule, which says that you should only employ magnet advertising in so and so season, but we would suggest you should seriously consider it for summer promotions. Do you know why? Because people would frequent to their refrigerator more than ever before. Just think about number of impressions your brand information will garner without even wanting you to splurge on huge and expensive advertising materials.
  • Free Full Color Printing is the Ultimate Truth
    Now you may say what does that mean? We would like to rewind back to era of 40’s and 50’s, when people used to think twice before color printing or color advertising because they knew it will drill their savings. Now with the advent of high tech printing techniques and vast industry wide links, magnet marketers are passing the advantage to their customers in the form of free full color printing. No wonder, many small budget marketers and corporate businessmen seeking 5.5 x 2.25 magnets are happier that they can choose as many colors as they wish without bothering about exorbitant printing charges.
  • Available for Outdoor Advertising
    Outdoor advertising is the most expensive form of advertising and many marketers avoid it for the reason of overspending. However, 5.5 x 2.25 magnets -30 MIL (offered at many ecommerce stores) allow them to reconsider their decision because it is extremely affordable. These customized magnets may not be big enough to register million impressions on the single day, but they can at least buy you 100’s of quality impressions. You can expect some conversion, when the vehicle is parked at a parking lot or when you are slowly driving through crowded city areas and when the vehicle is parked outside your office of home. Many small budget marketers are using these customized outdoor magnets for popularizing their brand logo.
  • Available at Best Buy Pricing
    You cannot expect to grab huge margins on bulk ordering pens, notebooks or other regularly used promotional gifts. However, you can easily avail the benefits of best buy pricing by ordering these customized 2.25×5.5 magnets in bulk from online magnet store. You can expect these customized magnets to lend credibility to your business information longer than any other small budget gift, you have ever considered.

Now, you might realize, why we said 2.25×5.5 magnets are becoming the subtle and silent presence in many high winning promotional campaigns.

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