2.5X2.75 Magnets are Key to Build Brand Impressions in 2015

2.5×2.75 magnets are not the magic pill of advertising that you have been searching for all these years, but they are worthy enough for consideration. In 2015, the marketplace will become fiercely competitive and it is high time that you start thinking about revamping your marketing strategies. You can stick with magnet advertising to popularize your business because the human fascination with magnets never ends. It was popular in the retro era and it is still going strong in this era of iPads and mobile websites. People are slowly backing out of media and print advertisements because they are effort, time, and money consuming. Here is why we believe 2.5×2.75 magnets will become a key to branding in 2015-

2.5x2.75 Round Corner Custom Printed Magnets 20 Mil

They are affordable
Doesn’t that sound relieving, when everything else costs you an arm and a leg? Customized magnets 2.75×2.5 are affordable and offered in different stock sizes over many of the reputed eCommerce stores selling promotional magnets. This means you can easily find the stock size fitting into your budget and scheme of things. You can further avail discounts on bulk orders and save on various areas such as art setup, online design proof and shipping because their prices are included in the product.

They are easily visible over small surfaces
Now that is the point. Although a big banner or billboard may bring you some brand exposure, but they may not bring you a single loyal customer. It is better to be a big fish in the pond than a small fish in the ocean because you can behave the way you want. You can get closer to your customer each day from over these promotional magnets. People love to buy from those marketers who make them feel comfortable and at home.

They are perfect for painting emotions
Who said creativity is a sin over the small surface? Perhaps they are bluffing and have not tried it over these personalized magnets 2.75×2.5. You can unleash your creative potential by painting various expressions and emotions over these customized magnets.

They make perfect carry item
Gone are the days, when marketers had to hire big vehicles or seek services of transporters to carry their promotional gifts to different tradeshow venues. Today, people don’t bother about weight or value of the gift because they have lots of other good things to do. You can easily give them a promotional magnet 2.75×2.5, which is a lightweight and high quality item, which they can use over refrigerator door or car door.

Every year the battle of brands is intensifying and businesses are forced to mingle with crowds more than ever, which means 2015 isn’t going to be any different. You can hit every tradeshow in the city and gift these customized magnets to your prospects. Even if they do not take you seriously at first, still they would make it a point to stick a full color promotional magnet over their refrigerator doors or visible surfaces within the home as refrigerator art. The quality of the magnet and relevance of business information will make them think hard about your brand.

You will know more about the benefits of promotional magnets only after working with them.
Wishing you a wonderful prospecting in 2015 with 2.75×2.5 magnets!