2X3 Magnets – Promote Your Brand with a Smile

2×3 magnets are catching up with low budget marketers and first time advertisers because they know people would love them instantly. They have already become an asset to many campaigns, which have earlier failed to make a mark. Do you know what makes them special? Read this blog to know more –

2x3 Inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Almost Square
2×3 is the size, which is almost square. Square and rectangular shapes are still popular choice for advertising because people easily take note of them. 2×3 rectangle magnets are making impressions because they are almost square and lend great visibility to messages printed over them.

2×3 magnets remain largely remain affordable to even small budget marketers who cannot afford to invest in low budget paper promotional items every now and then. They can easily resort to these customized magnets to let out their information. Additionally, many large online stores offer exciting discounts by bulk ordering these promotional magnets.

Value for Investment
Magnet advertising has received dissension from communities and businesses for its exorbitant pricing. Although a business card magnet may be slightly costlier than a regular business card, it lends great impact and offers long shelf life than the regular paper card. Similarly, a 3×2 magnet offers good value for investment than a regular paper promotional item of the same size. If you purchase it from a reputed online store, you can expect high quality custom magnets, which offer long-term visibility to your business messages. This is why many small budget marketers are availing 3×2 personalized magnets for building their reputation.

2 125x3 125 christmas Rectangle Magnet

Savings, Savings and Savings
On buying 3×2 magnets from a reliable online store, you can easily save on art set up, online design proof, shipping and bulk orders. All these years, you might have lavished on short term marketing items, which is sheer waste because people always look for quality of promotional gifts, which you send them. Promotional magnets made of high quality material really offer you savings by serving long.

Carry Expressions with Confidence
Yes, that is true. 2×3 magnets can carry any expression with a rare found confidence. People are going to take note of any expression imprinted over it. Be it sorry, joy, your brand logo or happiness, wishes or anything, these magnets can express everything with a maturity. Only take care to present them with a creative flair. For example – You don’t need to show a smiling face or write a smiling text to tickle laughter, when you can easily do it with a smiley. Similarly, you need to find shortcuts to exhibit your expressions. People would instantly take a liking for your information, if you have taken care to make them colorful and adorable.

Perfect for Bulk Gifting
Many online stores stocking personalized magnets offer exciting savings on bulk orders. You can easily avail best buy pricing by wholesale ordering 3×2 magnets. Full color magnets are perfect to introduce your brand to mass audience during tradeshows, corporate events and at other times.

Switch to 2×3 magnets for your next campaign and enjoy the impact it creates for your brand.