Know How 2X2.75 Magnets Would Make You Stand Out in the Niche

If you are negative about the visibility of small magnets, then you should read this blog to understand those 5 unusual ways 2×2.75 magnets can easily get you noticed with minimum efforts.

2x2.75 Square Corner Custom Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

Save the Date
Who would really like to miss that information. Who would refuse information about the special day of their loved ones? Remembering the emotional quotient of save the date magnets, you can easily apply the theme for announcing the grand opening of your store or announcing a change of address or anything you wish. Save the date magnets are also perfect to send corporate party invitations and

Creating the Buzz
Building buzz is perhaps the catchiest thing to buy attention. You can create buzz around your business by adding catchwords, which establish trust and paint your business in a brighter tone. A promotional magnet printed with buzz information never fails its target. You can start creating buzz by highlighting any small achievement such as “XYZ Hotel – Winner of TripAdvisor’s Best Hotel in North Carolina” etc. People would proudly show their association with you by sticking such buzzing information over refrigerator doors or other visible surfaces within their offices or homes.

2 x 2.75 Square Corners Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnet

Prick Their Interests and Push Your Sales
Do you remember the 2005 fantasy movie – “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” which triggered our childhood chocolate fantasies. Leaving apart the fantasy and special effects, if you look closely that movie had delivered several important business messages. The first and foremost was how to build awareness about the product and push sales to multitudinous proportions. Do you remember the marketing pitch by the chocolatier Willy Wonka (character essayed by Johnny Depp) “Find 1 of 5 golden tickets in a Willy Wonka product and be one of the first people in a long time to visit the magical chocolate factory. Also, one kid will win a special prize that will exceed your wildest imagination.” This marketing line pricked interests and it was shown that Willy Wonka bars are fast disappearing from the market shelves. Today, you can reprise the same marketing technique to catapult your sale. Hand out customized 2.75x 2 magnet at the tradeshow venue and attract customers to your fold. “Save beyond imagination” and to know more call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx will definitely bring you stream of visitors than ever.

It Takes Six Letters and a Humble Effort to Say Thanks
Thanks is a magical word, which will take you closer to people than ever before. You can easily incorporate this word into your marketing strategy as a part of goodwill creation. You can position “Thanks for the Purchase” over these small magnets with a confidence that it is going to buy you a customer who sticks to you for a lifetime.

Offer them Savings
Customized magnets 2×2.75 announcing mega savings are sure to trigger interests of your customers. They are not going to bother, whether your information is printed over a big magnet or a small magnet because savings is the only catchword, which has caught their attention.

You can explore many other unusual ways of buying attention with 2.75 x 2 magnets. Avail benefits of free full color printing, free art setup, free online design proof, and free shipping on purchasing these advertising magnets from a reputed online store.

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