2X5 magnets are Called Cupcakes of Magnet Advertising, Isn’t it Surprising!

Magnet advertising and cupcakes may seem entirely different as a chalk and cheese, but they commonly referred, while addressing 2×5 magnets. Do you know why? Because they both offer certain degree of satisfaction (albeit in different senses). For example – a cupcake is easy to cook and easily becomes a snack, dessert, and appetizer. Take time to understand how 5×2 magnets become cupcake of magnet advertising –

2x5 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

  • Abundance of Variety
    You can find cupcakes in all imaginable flavors and shapes, similarly you can find 5x 2 magnets in different stock sizes such as 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL. Many leading online suppliers would offer choices in stock sizes 10 MIL, 15 MIL, etc. This means you can easily select the most appropriate customized magnets 5×2 depending on your taste (oops business requirements and visual flavor) , budget and satisfaction.
  • Easy to Use
    Cupcakes are easy to cook, if you have muffin shaped bowls. Every year, you would come across special Christmas cupcake recipes dished by great bakers during the festive season. They claim to break down the whole cupcake production easily through visual representation. Similarly, you can easily slice down the competition by printing your brand logo or slogan over customized magnets 5×2.
  • Finds Easy Acceptance
    It is very rare that you would come across a person, who wouldn’t accept a sweet cupcake offered to them. Similarly, it is very rare that you would come across a prospective customer or client, who would refuse a strip-sized magnet because they are adorable and easily visible. With magnet advertising assuming popularity, nowadays businesses are splurging on niche specific promotional magnets. However, they do not realize that every other marketer in their niche is doing the same. People are thinking of getting rid of such big promotional magnets, which are eating up their view over the refrigerator doors. As cupcakes, these small strip size magnets also gain from the benefit of the doubt. Recipients would think twice about getting rid of them.
  • Offers Great Savings
    Do you know why most people end up buying cupcakes in bulk? Because they are great money savers. Many bakers and superstores offer good savings on large orders of cupcakes. Similarly, many reputed online stores offer attractive price discounts on bulk orders of customized magnets 5×2. It may sound like an icing on the cupcake, if you we say that they also offer benefits of free online design proof, freeshipping, and free art setup.
  • Offers Satisfaction Without Pumping Calories (Read Burden of Investment)
    Logo printed promotional magnets 2×5 offer high satisfaction without leaching marketing dollars. There has been a huge outcry in the USA and other parts of the world about health benefits of baked items. Today, people are coming in terms with their cravings by opting for mini sized portion of their favorites such as cupcakes, cookies, mini pizzas, etc. Similarly, you can derive satisfaction of magnet advertising by sticking with these small magnets. They don’t pump calories (read burden of investment) and offers you great satisfaction at the low budget.

Munch the competition by seeking appetizing and plentiful customized magnets 5×2 for your next campaign.