2X7 Magnets Can Help You to Win Battle of Brand Effortlessly

2×7 magnets may not be the biggest of the all, but they are definitely the smartest of the lot. They remind you of a decorated bookmark, which is used to track the reading progress. You can effortlessly employ them for –

Raising Awareness
Social responsibility is becoming a benchmark for ascertaining the depth of business. People are getting particular about buying from brands with a bright public persona. This is why many businesses are showing their social indulgence by indulging in philanthropic activities or raising awareness about the cause or contributing to the fundraisers, etc. If you plan to do any of these, feel free to indulge with 2×7 awareness magnets. You can beautifully position your message and symbols over these strip size magnets in full color.

2x7 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Greeting People
Today, businesses understand that they should give back to their customers by acknowledging their presence in the business. This is why they are seeking unusual ways to reach out to people. They are leaving no room for regrets and are leaping at every single opportunity, when they can address and thank their customers for their active participation in the business. No wonder, marketers are hell bent to spend on holiday wishes magnets 2×7 because it is short, sweet and making stronger impressions than most other big promotional items such as billboards , banners, posters, etc.

Happy Holidays Refrigerator Magnets 7x2 in

Save the Date Business Announcements
Just think various methods you might have tried over the years to announce your new business – emails, flyers, billboards, banners, TV ads or radio ads, etc. Now you can do it more creatively by seeking save the date business announcements. Full color printing makes these announcements a stand out. Being bookmark sized many recipients would happily retain these custom magnets over their refrigerator doors.

Discounts, Discounts and Discounts
Discount is still a big catchword for many consumers and they always expect to steal some savings on their purchases. Marketers can trigger an impulsive shopper in them by gifting discount coupons or discount cards. They can customize a bookmark shaped 2×7 magnet with information about discount or sales in bold colors prior to gifting. Discount coupons make a great giveaway during tradeshows, or shopping fests. People would be happier to receive a coupon and they would start considering the purchase seriously than before. You can ask them to redeem within some days of receiving this discount coupon magnet.

Thank You for Purchases
Thanking a customer is always an appreciative gesture. A business grows through mutual respect and contribution from both sides. Although revenues may come through purchases, but marketers have to do their bit to reach out to their customers and thank them for their purchases and active participation. Custom magnets 2×7 allow businesses to thank their customers effectively and affectionately. People would happily retain thank you cards as the memoir of the great relationship that they share with the brand.

You can figure out many more ways of dealing with 2×7 magnets because they are easily customizable and they can literally help you to save face in the battle of the brands.