4×6 Magnets – 7 Great Ways of Expression

4×6 magnets – are one of the biggest size magnets, you ever come across on any online store. They always leave room for creativity and expression. No wonder, they are used for expressing eyeball popping information. Here are 7 great ways of expressing over magnets 6×4 –

4x6 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

Save the Date Magnets
Your wedding announcements should be impressive because they are the real crowd pullers. Personalized magnets 4×6 save the dates would easily become an asset to your wedding announcement package. You can build impressions by adding your wedding day information and your images. While working with these magnets, you can experiment with a variety of styles and designs to announce your big day in style.

Business Flyers
Have you been looking for an option to convert your business card or paper flyer into a persuasive marketing text? Look no further because you can easily do it with magnetic business flyers 6×4. You can easily position your brand logo, service information, product images and more over these magnets. Perfect for pizzerias, hotels, computer repair shops and many other businesses, which are trying hard to buy attention with minimum efforts.

Holiday Wishes
A holiday sounds like a magical term for many businesses and individuals, who wish to take a break from their crazy schedules. If you are one of them, perhaps you want to share the joy with your colleagues, friends, and family who mean a lot to you. If you are looking forward to enjoy with your family and friends, feel free to express your joy through these holiday wishes magnets 4×6. Being large in size, your family, and friends would love to retain them over their refrigerator door. Your choice of images and wordings would inspire them to retain it as a keepsake after the event. It is perfect for sending wishes on all special occasions.

4x6 Square Corners Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnet

Awareness Generation
Awareness generation is a complex term because it is not easy to make people believe in your ideals and cause. You can easily employ customized awareness magnets 4×6 with magnet-tude to raise awareness about the cause you represent. People love large magnets because they can transform their refrigerator doors and offers them information that they would love to see often. As you might be aware about pamphlets, booklets and various other marketing materials distributed during fundraisers, social events, and community programs. You can easily substitute them with these awareness generation magnets. It doesn’t matter, whether you offer it as a fundraiser or as an acknowledgement token, people are going to love them and retain them as a token of their individual pride.

Sports Schedule Magnets
Do you support a local sports team? Do you wish to strike with other fellow sports lovers? Buying sports schedule magnets 4×6 will serve your purpose. You can include your team schedules, your logo and contact details before gifting. For the best benefits, you can always gift these customized magnets along with purchases from your store or send it to the homes of your regular customers and prospective clients.

Business Calendar Magnets
Business calendar magnets are perfect for casting impressions 365 days a year. You can gift 4×6 calendar magnets to guests, who step into your office or you can mail them to your regular clients and prospective clients. Perhaps a perfect way to make impressions and make the most of marketing investment, isn’t it?!.

Building Impressions on the Move
Custom 4×6 outdoor magnets are perfect to make impressions on the move. Any full color information printed over these large outdoor magnets would cast strong impressions while on move or when vehicle is at parking lot or moving through crowded areas. Perfect to announce discounts or sales in your store or announcing change of address or supporting a cause, etc.

You can source 6×4 magnets from any reputed online store selling magnets and avail benefits of free online design proof, free art setup, free full color printing, and free shipping.

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