5.25X4.5 Magnets – Why You Cannot Ignore Them!

This blog title may make you ask is 5.25 x 4.5 really a big dimension to consider. Perhaps not and never? Still you cannot ignore the lure of 5.25 x 4.5 magnets due to the following reasons –

5.25x4.5 Square Corner Custom Full Color Magnets

Almost Square Shape with No Chance for Missing
Do you know why people are still crazy about rectangle and square magnets? Because they don’t give any chance for missing information. People still believe that square and rectangle means authentic information. This is the reason that 5.25 x 4.5 magnets would build impressions with their almost square size.

They are Cost Effective
If you get your brand information printed over 5.25 x 4.5 area in a newspaper, you may end up spending lot of money for the one day advertising. However, you are going to buy lifetime visibility by printing over these almost square magnets. This is why they are cost effective and value effective than other promotional gifts or promotional medium you have ever considered.

They Allow You To Save on Efforts and Investment
Perhaps you might have understood that you will only get 5.25 x 4.5 magnets on specialized magnet stores stocking full color, made in USA magnets. These ecommerce stores allow you to save on investment in the form of free online design proof, free art setup, free online design proof, and free shipping. Additionally, you are going to save on full color printing, too. Perhaps they offer you benefit of free customization by helping you to make impressive designs from scratch.

They Offer You 100 Creative Routes to Success
Yes it is true. You can use these customized magnets for printing savings coupons, art, holiday wishes or save the date sales flyers or anything you wish. They really offer you 100 creative routes for success. Now it is up to you to think, how you wish to use this promotional magnet for the best of your benefit.

They Would Allow You to Inch Closer to Your Customer
Customized 5.25 x 4.25 magnets would allow you to inch closer to your customer in a very positive way. They cannot ignore the lure of square full color magnets. They would easily keep it closer to their minds by sticking these customized magnets over their refrigerator doors or car doors as an art. Regular visibility will foster positive thoughts and they would easily feel closer to you than ever before.

They Would Bring You Long Term Visibility
The main advantage of customized magnets is that they offer you long term visibility against the investment. Perhaps even if your mind wanders to other small value promotional gifts, still you cannot ignore the lure of this square promotional magnet.

Customized 5.25x 4.5 magnets would allow you to make long term impressions and you cannot ignore that profit isn’t it!