5.25X4.5 Magnets Can Make Great Lead Magnets, Learn How

How long do you expect your marketing strategy to work? Oddly, not long enough because customer expectations are changing. They will not bother buying from you, unless they like you. You can easily influence their buying decision by gifting them full color lead magnets 5.25x 4.5!

5.25x4.5 Square Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

What is a lead magnet? The answer is it is a fanciful promotional magnet, which captures attention with a lead content. It is not the usual lead content that you read over websites, blogs, articles, or regular marketing content; however, it is a short and motivating call to action content over a refrigerator or car magnet. Here is how you can convert plain rectangular 5.25 x 4.5 magnets into the lead magnets–

Offer Real Value Rather Than Fluff
There was a time, when any fluff offered under “Zero Cost” and “Instant” used to bring results. Today, people are growing conscious about the hidden traps of zero cost and instant, thereby are always looking for real values. You can serve them by offering real value rather than a fluffy content. For example – Ask them to click on your website xxx.com for knowing price savings or special shopping advantage or ask them to shop and make real savings on purchases above a certain limit.

Full Color Printing
By seeing the dimensions, you would easily understand that it is not very big; still, it is big enough to make impressions. You can remain confident that this promotional magnet will easily feature over the minds with its largesse size. People cannot ignore them at the first sight. Full color printing over these large magnets would make them appealing and inspire people to retain them. Slowly a brand consciousness would start overpowering their senses and make them to follow your heart.

Add Images to Wow Them
Remember that customers are not really bothered about whether you started your company from a garage or a big showroom, rather they would be interested to know what meaty you have to offer. Try to use appropriate images and content to make your business messages stand out in the niche. Remember a powerful image is equivalent to 1000 words that you may speak. People would easily get drawn to your graphics and they would base their purchase decisions on that. For example – You might have seen pizza marketers stacking hundreds of sales flyers with their order. Although many people consider them annoying, still they might stack a couple of those mouthwatering flyers in their drawers or other places within the home. Customized flyers printed with visuals of cheesy and mouthwatering pizza do the real business. They vet the hunger with their tasty tone. Similarly, you should vet the appetite and hunger of your targeted customers by gifting them a full color promotional magnet printed with information of purpose.

Add Information of Credit
Today, with the advancement of technology, people are getting particular and finicky about their choices. They want to know if government or other authentic sources recognize the service provider. Adding credentials such as some certification or membership adds persuasiveness to the promotional campaign. People would be confident that they are going to make the appropriate decision of their life.

You can source your 5.25 x 4.5 customized magnets from any reputed eCommerce store stocking made in USA magnets. By doing so, you can avail benefits of free online design proof, free shipping, free art setup and free full color printing.