5X10 Magnets Prepare You for A Successful Brand Campaigning

Big personalized magnets prepare you for a long innings and it is true in the case of 5×10 magnets. You can target a successful brand campaigning by employing them with a creative flair. These customized magnets offer you benefits by–

5x10 Square Corner Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnets

Lending large working space
By seeing the dimensions you can understand the enormity of the workspace that this promotional magnet offer. You can use it appropriately, for positioning your brand logo, contact details, slogan or other details. Logo 5×10 magnets are perfect for tradeshow gifting and bulk mailing.

Offering Huge Price Savings
Custom 5×10 magnets offer you savings in the form of free art setup, free online design proof, free shipping, and free full color printing. You can enjoy benefits of best buy pricing by bulk ordering them. Be reminded that these price benefits are only available, if you are purchasing your customized magnets from a reputed ecommerce store stocking them.

Buying You Long Face Time
Magnet advertising is a boon for marketers who expect to buy long face time with their single time investment. They can ensure the same by working with these customized 5×10 magnets. Most times these customized magnets are available in stock sizes 20 MIL, 25 MIL and 30 MIL. Additionally, advertisers can improve shelf life of their advertisements by printing these custom magnets with information that may amuse the onlooker for a long time. You can perhaps select the information, which ensures long-term exposure without a benefit of doubt.

Doubling Up as a Value Token
Do you know what is the main difference between the papered marketing materials and advertising magnets? They easily double up as a value token. You can stay assured that unlike paper promotional items, people are not going to trash customized magnets; instead, they would use it as a refrigerator art and car magnet.

Here are some uses of promotional magnets 5x 10, which would bring you brilliant branding experience.

  • Savings Coupons
    Who doesn’t loves them. Send savings coupon printed over a magnet to your customer’s homes. They would love to think that you have cared for their purse strings. In addition, this goodwill gesture will inspire them to retain these customized magnets over their refrigerator doors or working cabinets.
  • Brand Advocacy Coupons
    You can employ 5×10 magnets for brand advocacy. This means you can use them for inspiring your customers. You can sell some brilliant marketing idea over them such referral marketing or you can inspire your customers to spread the word about your new product. Whatever is the reason, but these large custom magnets are sure to buy big impressions for a long time!
  • Festive Wishes or Holiday Wishes
    Although this type of marketing may not have any direct impact on your branding, but they would bring you long-term advantage. People remember the brand or an individual who took pains to wish them on the special occasion. They would appreciate this goodwill gesture and spread the word about it with their customers or clients.

After reading this blog, you might get a fair idea about using customized 5×10 magnets for the branding advantage. Perhaps you will have many more to say after using this promotional magnet.