5X6 Magnets + Free Full Color Printing = Wonderful Branding Experiences

5×6 magnets are one of the larger sized promotional magnets used for brand building. No doubt, these large promotional magnets are sure to offer you some wonderful branding experiences, when you start working over them. However, you can double up your experiences with free full color printing. Here are certain designs that you can try over these large full color magnets to gain the best advantage-

  • Save the Date Magnets
    Perhaps no wants to contain their excitement about joy of doubling because marriage happens only once during a lifetime. They can ask everyone to save the date of your special day by sending full color 5×6 save the date magnets. Couples can customize these magnets to match their wedding theme, color of their trousseau or anything they wish.
  • Calendar Magnets
    5×6 Calendar magnets are sure to hog limelight from over refrigerator doors. People would love to retain them as a refrigerator art forever. Customized calendar magnets work great for business of all sizes and budgets. People love to use them for quick reference and planning their day.
  • Sales Flyers
    Sales flyer magnets are a great enhancement to those paper sales flyers regularly used by marketers for spreading word about their business. Free full color printing allows marketers to get lavish about their choice of colors. Local businesses and newbie marketers can proudly leave these customized magnets at the doors of their targeted customers.
  • Menu Magnets
    Menu magnets are perfect for food marketers who are trying to build loyal customer base. Restaurateurs, pizza marketers, bakers, hoteliers and many others can settle for 5×6 to drive sales. They can customize these personalized magnets with information about crowd puller dishes in the colors of their choice. Perfect for gifting during trade shows, food events, local events, regular business days or along with deliveries.
  • Outdoor Magnets
    Use your drive time for building brand impressions. You can employ 5×6 outdoor safe magnets for announcing your new store, change of address, special sales program, discounts, and new offers or anything special. These small sized magnets may not create a mass effect as large sized magnetic signs, but they are good enough to buy attention at close quarters. Many small budget marketers find these customized magnets reliable to spread word about their business.

5x6 Round Corners Outdoor Safe Full Color Magnet

  • Announcement Magnets
    Announce it in style! The coming of age, graduation, retirement, milestone birthdays, and other special news can be impressively positioned over these customized magnets 6×5. People would easily notice a full color magnet they received in a mail and would stick them over their refrigerator doors.
  • Church Magnets
    Church magnets work for prayer groups and church unions trying to raise awareness about the religion and attract youth to their fold. They can consider printing church information, prayer information or other important details over 6×5 magnets prior to gifting.
  • Seasonal Magnets
    Personalized seasonal magnets for occasions are perfect for individuals and businesses, who are looking forward to acknowledge and wish their loved ones in a special way. Whether it is sending New Year wis hes, Hanukkah wishes or wishing on other occasion, marketers can easily do it over these customized magnets 5×6.

You can have many other enjoyable experiences of working over 5×6 magnets. Avail benefits of free online design proof, free shipping, free art set up, and lowest price match guarantee on purchasing your customized magnets from a reliable ecommerce store stocking custom magnets.

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