5X8 Magnets, Kill Many Birds with a One Pebble

5×8 magnets allow you to kill many birds with a one pebble. What does that mean? This means that by this single investment you can target many benefits. Does that sound cool? Perhaps yes. Read this blog to know how you can benefit from investing in customized magnets 5×8.

5x8 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25 mil

By Buying You a Large Print Space
If you have earlier worked with other promotional items, you will understand the frustration of working with smaller promotional spaces. However, a big print space at smaller price is a luxury, which you cannot find with other promotional gift.

By Triggering Your Creativity
Customized 8×5 magnets offer you big space for showing your creativity. You can use it for positioning your brand information, contact information and other business details without worrying about escalating prices. If you are sourcing these customized magnets from any reputed online store stocking all made in USA magnets, there are all chances that you may save on full color printing. You can go lavish with your choice of colors and information to print over these customized magnets.

By Lending Confidence to Your Campaign or Personal Goodwill
As repeated several times before 5×8 is not a small size and people may not miss it easily. By printing over these custom magnets, you can stay assured that your messages are going to be seen and appreciated. Full color magnets always trigger enthusiasm in recipients and they are always keen to manage them over visible spaces within their home or office. This regular visibility will bring them closer to your brand or personal self.

By Doubling up as a Car art or Refrigerator Art
What is the purpose of promotional gifting? The main purpose is to produce brand advocates who would say that you are good to work it or you serve above their expectations. Promotional gifts are usually chosen such that they fulfill the purpose of gifting and brand building. Over the years, marketers have largely invested in small budget gifts such as pens, caps, notepads, socks and more. They know that people would actually use them and love them. However, none of these customized gifts would serve them for a lifetime and they may slowly forget about it. Perhaps, they may never forget a promotional magnet because it stays before their eyes at all times. Similarly, high quality promotional 5×8 magnets would easily double up as a car art or a refrigerator art, if you choose to customize them in full color. You can easily avail them in different stock sizes such as 20 MIL, 25 MIL, and 30 MIL from any reputed online store selling and stocking made in USA magnets.

By Offering You Long Term Exposure
One of the most celebrated benefits of customized magnets is that they offer you long term exposure. You can stay assured that your brand information and goodwill is going to increase by leaps after gifting away customized 5×8 magnets. People would look at them every time they go near the fridge and each impression will bring them closer to you.

5x8 Real Estate Magnets

Save, Save, Save and Save
Purchasing personalized 5×8 magnets from any reputed eCommerce store has its own benefits. If they are only stocking made in USA magnets, you can expect to save on various areas such as online design proof, art setup, shipping and full color printing. Additionally, you can avail the benefits of bulk order pricing.

Perfect for Gifting Throughout the Year
Personalized magnets aren’t seasonal, which means you can consider them for gifting throughout the year.

Doesn’t that sound like shooting too many birds with a single pebble!