6.25×1.25 Magnets Vs Print Marketing – Who Attracts Quality Customers?

Is print advertising dead? This is the most common question that you would hear from people and marketing experts alike. Most commonly, comparisons are drawn between social media and print marketing. Here, we have chosen to draw comparisons between magnet advertising and print marketing. Lets have a closer look between 6.25 x 1.25 magnets Vs print marketing and their benefits.

6.25x1.25 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • Tangibility – Print advertisements appearing in papers and magazines may remain with the viewer for some months and they may stack it in drawers or other places. This means, they are not going to see it every day. However, advertisements positioned over 6.25 x 1.25 magnets may remain before eyes at all times because recipients would retain them over fridge doors or work cabinets and see them the each single day.
  • Branding – No doubt, printed advertisements are perfect for sculpting brand identity, however customized 1.25x 6.25 magnets are better than that. Although print advertisements can be made aesthetically enriching with the use of various images, graphics, fonts and letterings, but they may drill away savings. As you might know many printing techniques are costlier and investors have to think twice before making investments. However, free full color printing is offered by e-commerce stores stocking only made in USA magnets. This means investors needn’t worry about the choice of color because they can get it free.
  • Higher Engagement – It is true that most people are comfortable reading print advertisements than a website, but they may feel attracted to magnet advertising. The reason is because magnet advertising is zero fluff and 100% value effective. Advertisers would only score in terms of the information that they wish to share with their customers. However, in print advertising, marketers have lavish space for fluffing and balancing their business information. Promotional magnets offer quick answers and remain fixed at easy –to-find location.
  • Target Audience – Print advertising and magnet advertising, both allow easy targeting with minimum efforts. However, marketers can enjoy better funneling and quality customer using customized magnets, do you know why? Because they are easier to carry during tradeshows or other big promotional events. Unlike some printed advertisements, they are neither heavy nor extreme light weight. People would enjoy retaining it over their refrigerator doors or other visible ferrous surfaces.
  • Bridging Link – This might sound amazing because there is a strong link between a magnet advertisement and a professionally created promotional print advertisement. Do you know how? You can fix magnet backing to printed advertisements and make them appreciable and readable. People would be happier to stick a piece of promotional information over their refrigerator door because it gives them immediate information.
  • Pursuance – Aggregating the above points, it can be concluded that magnet advertising bears far better pursuance than printed advertisements because they remain in visibility. People would see them every day and retain them as long as they wish. At online marketplace, you will come across a website, which stocks 6.25 x 1.25 magnets in 20 MIL and 30 MIL, which makes it easier to pursue your homebound customers and those on the move!

Today, you can find promotional magnets in all shapes, sizes, and measurements on visiting any online store, which stocks only high quality made in USA magnets.

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