6 Way 4X10 Magnets Allow You to Make Your Presence Felt in the Niche

4×10 magnets are one of the largest promotional magnets available for advertising and they are sought by businesses trying to build strong on other marketers. Over the years, businesses have used these large customized magnets as marketing material to buy attention of their qualified clients and customers. Here are 6 ways 4×10 magnets would allow you to make your presence felt in the niche –

4x10 inch Round Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets 25 mil

Sales Flyers
Paper flyers announcing discounts and special sale information are very popular. However, people are increasingly getting bored of them due to their vulnerable nature. Many organizations are now avoiding paper sales flyers because there is strong criticism that they don’t aid in promotions, rather they end up chocking a landfill. However, today businesses are cascading their old sales flyers by printing over large 4×10 magnets. They know full color magnets end up over the refrigerator doors and they would continue to hog the limelight, until it is time for the next sales event!

Menu Magnets
4×10 menu magnets are extremely popular with restaurants and food establishments, trying to make impressions about their brand. They are using it for building loyal customer base and slicing profits from their competitors. You might have seen people stacking menus of nearby restaurants in handy places around their office and home, now they can easily do it by sticking these mouthwatering menu magnets over their refrigerator door.

Discount Cards
A big discount card or discount coupon announcing your special pricing advantage would receive high appreciation from your targeted customers. You can send large 4×10 magnets announcing value savings or discounts to your regular customers or clients. You can encourage them to shop from you as often as they can and redeem the coupon code. People would feel happier to retain information of their favored marketer over visible places. In addition, these customized magnets would remind them to discuss the business with their loved ones and family as often as they can.

Holiday Wishes Magnets
Keeping in touch with clients is a very important part of business. You might have received small promotional gifts and greeting cards from suppliers and businesses all these years. They are now embracing the culture of sending holiday wishes magnets 4×10 to their customers because it offers them long-term stay in their memories. People are crazy about retaining holiday wishes magnets because a single sight through them is enough to transport them to holiday mood.

Calendar Magnets
Perhaps there is no other business gift, which can match the purpose and reliability of a calendar magnet. Many businesses are making the smart decision of a brand loyalty generation by gifting 4×10 calendar magnets. Perfect for building impressions on the crowd because people always love to retain calendars in the most visible places around the home.

Fundraiser Magnets
Organizing fundraisers or contributing to charities or social causes is a hot trend catching up with marketers and they can easily highlight their best social side through customized 4x 10 magnets. People would be happier to retain such customized magnets because it secretly nudges their sentiments. They would think good of a brand, which inspired them and offered them reason to join the cause.

There are many more ways businesses can make their presence felt in the niche by using full color magnets 4×10.