Employing 6X2.5 Magnets for Engagement Marketing is a Smarter Move

Employing 6×2.5 magnets for engagement marketing is perhaps the smartest marketing move you might have ever considered. These customized magnets are employed for indulgence in the following ways-

6x2.5 Round Corner Full Color Magnets 20 Mil

  • Connecting
    Call us immediately, like our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/xxxyyy.com, or avail a 50 % discount on customized magnets before 25th December 2014, etc. This kind of information will trigger interest in the viewer.
  • Informing
    Informing a client or customer about your new product or brand is a perfect way of engaging them for a lifetime. You can make them believe why your products are superior than others and why they should buy it immediately. You can start with something such as “Hotel XXX International – Eco-Friendly and 4 Star Business Hotel” “ Minutes Tick – A Clock Shop of Your Choice”, etc.
  • Entertain
    Many may ask us what we mean by entertaining clients through customized 6×2.5 magnets. How they can entertain someone at such a small space? Remember Charlie Chaplin was one of the shortest entertainer world has ever seen, but that never stopped him from becoming “most celebrated showman of the world has ever produced”. Use your creativity to engage customers. Start with something such as “Join us on 25th December, 2014 for a Party”, else go Snowballing. You can easily formulate many other ways of building impression about your brand or service.
  • Share
    Spread a word about your business or brand through these customized magnets 6×2.5. Tell your regular clients that they would receive exciting discounts by bringing more customers and clients to your website or spread brand advocacy with exciting offers. Encourage customers to share the word and reap lifelong benefits.

Some of the popular engagement models for customized 6×2.5 magnets would be–

  • Discount Coupons
    With bad economy, perhaps everyone is looking for a saving here or there. You can easily allow them to save by sending a discount coupon with a coupon code. Many corporate and small businesses are seeking customized magnets 6×2.5 for acknowledging their regular customers and sending information about special savings and discounts.
  • Fundraiser Magnets
    Going social and encouraging them to get social is one way of building customer engagement. You can offer personalized 6×2.5 magnets for fundraising or spreading awareness about the cause, which you support. Perfect for gifting as a souvenir at the end of a charity walk or other fundraiser events.
  • Business Flyers
    Business flyers or rack cards need not be long as usual, you can always keep it short with fewer words. Use customized 6×2.5 magnets for printing business flyers, which buy attention and keeps them engaged to your brand.
  • Holiday Greetings
    Wishing customers a holy day or holiday is a trend catching up with many new age marketers. Custom 6×2.5 magnets are perfect for sending holiday greetings because they offer ample of working space.

You can capitalize the whole area for positioning your greeting information and wishing your customers in a friendly way.

You can easily find out many other popular engagement models using 6×2.5 magnets. Feel free to indulge with other customized rectangle and square magnets in different sizes.